Buying sleeping bags for babies

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I have a sleeping bag for my 3 months old baby that i admit i only bought becuase i thought it looked cute!!!!

I have to say though that I would really recommend buying one - even just to try with your baby.  My little boy now has a habit of not only kicking his covers off but also kicking them over his face - which we naturally get rather worried about.

I am now bidding on more as he has grown so big that we need the next size up. I thought i would write this as i am also bidding on some for a friend and thought i would share our thoughts on them. 

Sleeping bags come in many shapes and sizes, but there are also common factors.  They basically get bigger at the bottom, and they fasten by a zipper, poppers or velcro.

You can also get them in many different designs and with different tog ratings - like a normal sleeping bag.  I have one bag which is quite thin, and I have another bag which is very thick.  Both are very good at keeping him nice and snug at night time.

Buying a sleeping bag is the same as buying anything else on ebay really.  Try hard not to get carried away just because the design is really cute, and I normally watch a lot of them at a time to give myself time to think about which ones i really like the best.

Sleeping bags on ebay are really cheap when compared to new ones in shops, so bear in mind how much it would cost you brand new.  Most sleeping bags are in a great condition as they are a relatively new concept and babies are not in them for very long.  This means that you are able to get them at a fraction of the cost of the high street, but more or less in the same condition.

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