Buying snails

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So you want to buy a snail, you type in what you are looking for and you get a list of amazing snails, you see one that is £3 shipping included you go to buy....STOP

There is a few things you should know before buying a snail.

The Seller:

Always check the sellers feedback!
For me if the seller is below 95% then I will not buy from them, but sometimes even people with 100% can be crafty

Don't just trust the pictures on the item, if the seller as more than one of this snail for auction then the pictures will most likey be the same, Email to ask about getting more pictures, if they refuse then I would not buy from them as they might not actually have the snail they are selling.

Mis-described snails are always a problem, many owners either don't know much about snails or they are trying to con you.
If you are not sure about the snail type you can always google and look for pictures, or you can ask some one on a forum.

The Buyer:

There is a list of things you should ask the seller before bidding/buying the snail(s)

  • Ask for more pictures
  • Ask the age of the snail or how old they think it is.
  • Ask if it is a WC or a CB
  • Ask how they package the snail and what postage they use.

Remember all livestock should be sent NEXT DAY not 1st class as it could get lost or delayed and you might end up with a dead snail in your hand.
So if you think the cheap snails are the way to go, think again.

You will also need to know how to care for the snail, there is forums you can join that have the information you need, Supersnails is one of those forums.

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