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When buying a pushchair, there's a few things you need to think about first. 
What kind of pushchair am I looking for, will I have to buy another one after a year or so.  What do I want from my pushchair. Once you've thought about this then look around. Ask other parents about their pushchairs and read reviews online about them. 
On the whole travel systems are quite good. I had one with my first child. I had a Mamas and Papas Sola, carrycot which then could be taken off and the chair part clipped on. The only down side was  the carry cot didn't fold down which left us with no extra space in our cat boot.  Which is another thing to think about. When folded will it fit in my car? 
With not second child we had to get a double pushchair.  I got the Phil and Teds Classic. One at the front and one at the back. Very good pushchair  in my opinion. Once my little girl was big enough to walk everywhere the second seat simply unclipped and it was a single pushchair.  
You also need to make sure that the pushchair is suitable for newborns as many aren't until they are 6 months old / able to sit unaided. Some pushchairs  haven't clearly got this marked and it's only when you read the guide that comes with the pushchair does it tell you. As I found out with my Sola. 
If you're on a budget there are cheaper travel systems  and push chairs around that are good quality pushchairs   Most of the time you are paying for the name of the pushchair. - not the quality. 

If like me, your planning on having more kids that might be something else you might want to take into  account.  Some people like having a new pushchair for new children. But I'll be keeping my Phil and Teds for if / when I have another child. 
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