Buying unsealed Fragrances. BEWARE

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Buying fragrances cheap from Ebay is always an attractive offer and sometimes you just cannot refuse the amazing prices but beware.

I bought a fragrance for myself and after reading the advert which described it as new and boxed.

The item arrived new and boxed but the problem arised once I had opened the bottle and splashed some on. First there was a very strong alcoholic/ethanolic (hard to describe but strong smell) which could blow your eyebrows off but then nothing, just a very feint aftertaste of a fragrance.

Luckily I was familier with this fragrance to recognise the flaws straight away and was also aware that most fragrances if new and untouched will still have its cellophane wrapper on.

This does not apply to the many copies out there though and this in no way is aimed at the many honest sellers who sell used fragrances or unwanted items.

But there is my experience and it tells me to be careful, ask about the wrapping and if possible where it came from.

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