Buying used BMW R1150GS

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I just thought I would write a quick guide for this bike.

I bought one after going through my divorce this year, (2008/9) Basically something for me for once.

I rode BMW's a few years ago and went around the uk and some of france and germany. I had some good times.

Back then I had K and R1100 RS's and I loved the bikes they seemed perfect for me. However I always longed after a GS but somehow never really decided to go for one, I cant remember why, I did spend a lot on bodywork especially on the K. The good thing abou tthe GS is that if you have a mishap and it falls over like with me the other dayo n the drive when I didnt get the side stand down properly, there is no bodywork to damage.

The bike has a wonderful seat position you can see over most things, I have read on one website that the 1200 is better for squirting past traffic etc and that you have to think abou tit on the 1150 and change down etc etc, maybe true, but no different to most bikes really, and maybe one would expect the 1200 to be more torquey anyhow, its a newer motor.

I must admit to sort of starting again I had scooters for a few years after the BMW's after a fairly bad accident put me of the road for a year, so confidence is at a low level and getting used to riding is a starting again sort of level. Especially on the rough stuff, you do seem the thing the bike will suddenly slide sideways if you bank slightly on tracks.... but maybe it wont really.

Am I a charlie and ewan wannabee? of course wouldnt anybody who has just bought a GS with all the kit? Especially as I have toured before not just been to matlock bath like some shell suits.

Mileage is could, I do a confident 200 miles on a tank, but thats a lot of urban stuff, going to work etc. I suspect that on a long run maybe another 30 miles or so could be squeezed from the tank.

If you have the GSA you have anothe 8 litres I believe so maybe 280 miles to 300.

All in all this is a good bike to own, easy to maintain, yes there will be some big bills from time to time, but general maintenance is very low day to day.

Easy to keep clean I spray it with the slick 50 stuff each time i wash it, a bit like the ac50 stuff from nippy normans.


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