Buying used electronic equipment (hi-fi) on eBay.

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Caveat emptor! My advice about purchasing a piece of used (or new, for that matter) electronic equipment on eBay - is don't! Not unless your seller will accept returns, and the cost of shipping the item back to them is not prohibitive! You could end up with an expensive piece of junk that you will eventually have to throw away, because it will cost so much money to put it right, if you can find a reputable person to repair the item. The only way to get your money back on a useless (broken, malfunctioning, damaged) item is to enter into a PayPal dispute with the seller, which is a nightmare. The seller will always say "it was working when I sent it out!" You receive it and it's as dead as a dodo. You might as well cut your losses, go and buy a new item from a reputable dealer, with a warranty. I would also advise the person who is determined to buy a piece of electronic equipment on eBay, is to find the item on eBay you need locally, and go and pick it up. Do not let Royal Mail or a courier get their hands on it, it can be very easily ruined by rough handling or by being dropped, and most of the time there is no recompense for this. This is especially true for items under £50. You have been warned!
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