Buying vehicles on eBay, beware of member KELLYSIMS1

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Thought I'd have another read of this review in 2012, can't see that I need to change anything really and still stand by everything I said about these two crooks.

WARNING TO ALL EBAYERS – BE VERY CAREFUL when buying a used car and or bidding or trading with Sheffield based SELLER kellysims1 also called kellyaloma (now no longer registered but probably created a new ID!!!!). Lee, boyfriend of Kelly Sims is a crook as well as a shady car dealer. Although the boyfriend Lee has already sold a few vehicles on eBay with positive feedback. In this instance, he listed and misdescribed a BLACK VAUXHALL FRONTERA registration L123 ERJ, listing number 280184503655 (now no longer available due to timed out)

To those bidding, you were lucky not have won this vehicle at least not for the £500 the seller wanted. Please check the listing description against my statement below (probably not available now). Unfortunately, I made the mistake when paying a £50 paypal deposit and selected ‘goods’ instead of ‘eBay item’. The bottom line is paypal have allowed this smuck to keep my £50 deposit after trying to claim my money back through the dispute console, as is usual with Paypal when a claim is not clear cut! Accordingly, I believe it is my responsibility to warn other eBayers about kellysims1 Kellyaloma and to raise awareness within the eBay community when buying second hand vehicles. Apologies for the lengthy explanation but hope my loss is your gain and that no-one on ebay gets ripped off again by this member. I  hope you enjoy the read :-)

The seller’s boyfriend Lee gave me a false address, 48 Findon Crescent Sheffield. When I arrived at the front door of this address having made my own way and walked about half a mile from the tram stop, I found an empty house, I mean it looked unlived in.. I called Lee's mobile and he appeared 10 minutes later with his girlfriend but guess what, he said he did not have a key and wanted me to go to his girlfriend’s home instead. When I asked to see the V5, he said he didn’t have it and would post it to me. However, when I refused to proceed, he took me on a wild goose chase around Sheffield. Then after several phone calls and calling at yet another address and over an hour later, he finally produced the V5. However, the number of owners was more than double what he stated in the listing. In addition I was unable to verify his name and address. On the upside, I guess, while driving around Sheffield , I was able to check out the vehicle. The first thing I noticed was a grinding noise coming from the prop shaft as well as another scraping/grinding noise coming from the NSF wheel. Then if that wasn’t enough to put off any potential buyer, I noticed all four tyres were bald. Then the alarm was hanging out of the front console, exposing the wires. . And yes you’ve guessed it folks, I declined to buy this vehicle, what smuck would!!!

The seller said he would refund £40 of my £50 deposit, as he needed to cover his eBay fees (£10 for a 99p listing without a reserve!!!). However, he did not send me an invoice or end the listing as he should have (eBay rules). Instead, he allowed the auction to run until 11.45 PM the same day and four hours after I got home. Therefore, why charge me his fees in the first place! Eventually, I opened a dispute through the Paypal resolution console after he ignored my emails asking for the refund he promised. Kellysims1 responded by telling a plethora of lies within the dispute console in order to justify keeping my deposit. I have all the receipts for the train and trams, which prove I made my own way to the false address he gave me. However, he claimed he collected me from the station and taken time off work so I wasn’t entitled to my deposit. He also claimed I told him he could keep my deposit. In fact, he changed his story more often than the UK weather!!! As far as I could see, kellysims1 deals in selling vehicles on eBay, surely then he must have been AT WORK! All I can say is he must be desperate to rip off an honest eBayer with over 400 positive feedbacks (now close to 2000}. Incidentally, this couple may have changed or created another ID but any former ID will be displayed in their profile.

The seller emailed me several times assuring me the vehicle was in lovely condition. However, here are the discrepancies I found in this seller's listing and the vehicle itself:

  • The tiny rust spot described as the size of a 5p piece was far bigger and deeper and ran along the OSR wheel arch. There was also a fair bit of rust on the rear bumper.
  • All four tyres were badly worn and would need replacing before next MOT was due. I didn’t bother to look at the spare!
  • I heard a ticking/scraping noise coming from NSF when turning left, which the seller admitted because it was deafening. Incidentally the seller wouldn’t let me test drive the vehicle claiming I wasn’t insured, when in fact I had already arranged cover before I left my home in Northants! Anyway he said he thought the noise was a stone chip on the disc. However, in my view, the noise was too far in to be the disc and too high up. In my view, it was more likely a steering defect or shock absorber. Further as the suspension was hard as nails, I suspect all four shocks were knackered and probably needed replacing.
  • I also noticed a grinding/ticking sound which got faster and louder as the car sped up. The noise sounded like either a gearbox-related whine or more likely the prop shaft. Coincidentally, the seller started whistling each time the grinding noise started which increased as he accelerated, along with his whistling!!!
  • As the vehicle had 140k on the clock I asked about a cam belt change before agreeing to any deposit. The seller emailed me to say this had been done six months ago. However, when I arrived and asked him to produce the receipt, he said a ‘mate’ had done it for him.
  • The last thing I noticed as if that lot wasn’t enough, was a slight waft of what may have been exhaust fumes inside the vehicle. Coincidentally, as soon as the smell permeated the atmosphere, the sellers quickly lit up cigarettes.

Obviously I declined to buy this vehicle, what idiot would pay £500 for a car in this condition and from such shady sellers!!! Not only due to the defects described above but also because I wasn’t able to verify the true identity and address of the seller. Neither did I have an invoice from the seller.

TO RECAP kellysims1 lied about the location of this vehicle, as he does not live at 48 Findon Crescent Sheffield. He lied about the condition of this vehicle both mechanically and cosmetically as well as the history as he stated there were 4 previous owners when in fact there were 10 disclosed on the V5. He lied about replacing the cam belt, as he had no receipt to prove. He lied about the terms of the deposit. He lied about picking me up from the station. He also tried to sell the vehicle to me without the V5 when his listing stated the V5 was present. He had only owned vehicle since 21st November 2007, only a few weeks after he listed the vehicle. However, he claimed he had owned the vehicle for much longer. He further claimed eBay had populated the vehicle detail incorrectly in the listing!!! However, as most of us know, the seller enters this information.

I appreciate some of you might say, I told you so. However, I thought as this seller already had over 100 positive feedback, he was an honest and to some extent relied upon the existing feedback. However, in hindsight and with further scrutiny of his feedback, I believe this eBay member is dealing in second hand motor vehicles as he has sold four cars in four months (check out his feedback). However, he tried to sell this vehicle to me as a private seller and even worse, outside of eBay.

I hope, at the very least, my experience warns other eBay members about unscrupulous people like kellysims1, and also raises awareness throughout the eBay community when buying second hand vehicles. In addition, I hope my experience flags eBay about unscrupulous sellers who try to trick people into buying a vehicle not as described then pocket the deposit when they decline to buy the vehicle.

Overall since joining eBay in April 2004, my experience has been very good, as I have bought many items without issue. However, I would suggest from my experience with kellysims1 and this REVIEW that eBay seriously consider reviewing VEHICLE LISTING RULES AND PROCEDURES.

I know most of us are decent honest people who enjoy selling and shopping on eBay. However, it is a great shame we get smucks like kellysims1 who taint the eBay community environment with their shady dealings.

Perhaps kellysims1 might like to reconsider refunding my £50 deposit, then I might consider removing this review!!!! However, if this greedy unscrupulous seller who ripped me off in the first place, chooses to pocket my money, at least my loss will gain the eBay Community. At least some of us will be better informed and hopefully more careful when trading on eBay, especially when buying second hand vehicles.

Please bear in mind, this vehicle may have changed owners since the listing and the defects quoted above may also have been rectified.

I guess the two members who didnt find this guide helpful were Kelly Sims and her shady boyfriend Lee!

Thank you for taking the time to read this review,  I hope it has helped you.

To this end, I finally bought a fantastic peugeot 1.9TD exec, it is a very straight car bought from a genuine honest ebay seller which just goes to show there are good people on ebay.

Good luck and happy ebaying

Thank you

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