Buying, wearing ear plugs for sleeping, DIY, music etc

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Things to consider when buying and wearing ear plugs:

As a long-time wearer of ear plugs, I would like to highlight 3 crucial points you should consider when buying ear plugs of any type:

1. If you are buying foam ear plugs, please make sure they come sealed, either in a grip seal bag, or preferably in the manufacturers own packaging.
Moldex sparkplugs, purafits and mellows come individually wrapped in dispenser boxes of 200 pairs. The reason being is that foam ear plugs are slightly porous and can be prone to picking up bacteria, sometimes harmful, which can then be transferred into your ear canal upon insertion. This can lead to infection which can cause temporary and even permenant loss of hearing.

2. Be very careful when removing foam ear plugs. Foam plugs especially, form a tight seal upon expansion in the ear canal. If you pull the ear plug out quickly, you can burst your ear drum. Pull the plug out slowly. Don't tug.

3. When inserting reusable ear plugs made from silicone, rubber, etc, don't stick them in too far! Again, you can push the tip of the plug right into the ear drum. While this is unlikely to cause any damage, it's not comfortable!

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