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Now i'm not writing this guide to knock Paypal in anyway, i'm just writing this guide to help some of Ebays newer members and hopefully stop them getting ripped off by some of our less scrupulous  members. Your feedback on this guide would be much appreciated..

Protection With Paypal

First when Buying/selling on Ebay it's really important to use Paypal when ever possible, Why? Well both seller and Buyer get protection from Paypal if a transaction goes wrong. What do you do if your item never arrives? be sensible here, remember weekends and bank holidays, you might have won your item Thursday night and it's now Tuesday morning but it's still only 2 working days, 1 if theres been a bank holiday. Still not turned up? First contact the seller, try your best to stay calm and write a sensible and well layed out Email as the seller might not be to blame, the item could have got lost in the post or you might have missed the Postie/Courier (Courier companies Rarely leave cards).

Once contacts been made all you need to do is talk, don't play the blame game, leave that for later if you need to and if the seller is willing to talk things through you'll normally get things sorted. If not then Paypal is the place to go, you can make a complaint to Ebay but if you've paid with Paypal they will normally tell you to contact Paypal.

So how do you contact Paypal? Just goto to and sign-in like normal, then you should see just underneath the main tabs a heading called Resolution center,  i won't go through every step of how to file a complaint but it's all explained with-in Paypal and it's pretty easy. What you need to know is that when you file a complaint it's not actually opened as a claim until you escalate it, Paypal expect you to leave a comment for the Seller to reply to. If you've already tried contacting the seller and had no luck it's not likely to change now, but when you escalate the claim things get a bit more serious and your likely to get some sort of response from him/her. Now you have to wait, if the seller doesn't supply proof to Paypal that the item has been sent within 10 working days you'll automatically win. If he does supply proof then you will at least have your answer to where your parcel is and be able to chase it up with the Courier company.. If your dispute is about damage to the item or receiving an item not as described it takes a little longer for Paypal to solve but if your in the right Paypal tend to sort it out in the end, you just need to be patient.

So why do some sellers only sell to people with confirmed addresses? Well that's because if it's an expensive item and they send it to your address and the package goes missing they won't be covered by Paypal if you make a claim, why? because the address hasn't been confirmed by a Credit card. no a debit card is not considered enough proof for Paypal to confirm your address. Although for some reason a Visa Electron cards seems to confirm a Paypal account where-as a Switch or Solo won't..

I will add to this guide soon but i hope the little info here helps someone..
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