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Avoiding the pitfalls of buying a car battery on ebay is easy.
Get it right first time and every time. Many of the sellers offer free delivery which is good, very good but if you have to try and return one which you have purchased in error you're in for a shock. It is very difficult to find a courier who will carry a wet battery for you and if you do find one it is going to be very expensive.
My recently purchased battery was delivered described as weighing 6kg. The return package weight, if I had to return it, was actually 19kg.
As previously mentioned it is very difficult to get a courier to carry the item. You may well come to the conclusion that you need to dupe them and tell them it is something else. The easy option is to return it via the same courier that delivered it. In my case this would have cost me an eye-watering £38. More than half the price paid for the battery itself.

As for getting the right battery in the first place do not rely on the sellers page compatibility lists or their vehicle registration compatibility check. I ended up confused and bought a battery of the correct type but with less power than I should have bought. Go to a reputable brands website, like Ex@de, and you should be able to check for the correct battery by entering your vehicle registration or by your vehicle make, model, engine and year.
In due course I will buy the battery I should have bought and keep the current one for a spare.
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