CAT5 The Wonder Cable

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CAT5 cable in homes is more and more common.

It's hardly a surprise either.  As well as being a very low cost cable, it's also one of the most versatile cables ever produced.  It was designed as a network cable and caught on fast in offices.  The ease of installation and the cost made it a simple choice for the IT departments.  Since then, it has found hundreds of uses other than just networking and that's why it can be so useful in your own home.  A reel of 300 metres can cost as little as £50 and that's enough to flood wire most three or four bedroom homes.  If it's time to renovate your home, then it's time to add CAT5 as well.

Here are some reasons why it will be so useful:

It replaces telephone extension cables and ADSL cables.  Do away with the extension cables tucked into the edges of your rooms and use it for modems, telephones and wireless access points.
Connect a home hub to the cables and have the benefit of a wired local network that is even faster than the best WIFI systems.
How about extending Sky or Virgin receivers?  Using CAT5 allows full HD quality video to be connected to any room in the house.  CAT5 replaces high cost and bulky HDMI cable and delivers the same perfect quality.
Extend your Sky or Virgin remote controls from any room back to the receiver.  Watch and control your Sky receiver from any room.
How about running an audio signal to every room?  A central playback point can route music to every room so you ca hear your favourite band or radio station anywhere in the house.
For the larger house, why not use it for an intercom - talk to people anywhere in the house effortlessly.
A video baby monitor can plug into CAT5 cable and you get to see your baby wherever you happen to be in the house

And finally...  Use a compact network patch panel when you install the cable and you are free to move and connect signals any way want at any time you want for ultimate flexibility.  It's the simplest way to future-proof your home for years to come.

If you want to know more, just get in touch.  We have products that can help you to make your home fully connected but we are happy to offer advice completely free of charge and without obligation.
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