CAUTION - fake The North Face All Terrain Jackets

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Beware - Out of the 6 sellers of THE NORTH FACE ALL TERRAIN jackets on ebay as I write this review, only one is actually selling the real item. The rest are fake. I bought one and upon arrival it was clearly fake. I took it to an authorised stockist who stated it was fake, was not goretex and worth about £10.

The giveaways to it being a fake -

The velcro on the wrist - on the fake it is squared off and badly stitched. On the real one its rounded at the edges and well stitched.

The left sleeve should have a little white goretex logo near the wrist. The current crop of fakes dont.

The inside of the collar - does it have a really soft lining ? If not - its a fake. Look at the label - "brushed chinguard" The fakes say it on the label but omit it from the garment dohhhh

Shop labels - does it have a big GORETEX" label hanging from the zipper ? If not, probably fake.

Do the zippers have a little rubber fob to grip when opening ? The real ones do !!

Colour - As far as I can see, the fakes tend to come in black or navy - My genuine ebay bought one is in OAK which is a sort of green.

AND THE WORRYING THING - Looking at the feedback for the sellers who are offering what appear to be fakes ( no goretex label and no sleeve logo ) they are selling loads and the buyers are totally unaware they have been ripped off !!!

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