CB Radios

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CB radios are a strange yet funny market today in which older radio sets seem to go

for more or even the same price as new ones.

  • And older radio set is not a wise choose to buy weather from a radio shack or a man
on a market stall this is due to the radios history.
Even though the radio may seem that it is in good external condition 9/10 chance the
radio has been opened and tampered with. Many people who sell radios may know or
have in-depth knowledge about the radio they are selling yet this does not guarantee
the standard or quality of the radio you will receive.
  • prolonged usage of the radio wears it out as the age of the unit increases the
components become more and more strained to the point the frequencies drift off
channel this can be put back and retuned but considering the cost for a new set it
would seem pointless. Setting a radio back to its former glory requires a set of very
expensive electronic test equipment mainly a signal generator, frequency counter and
an oscilloscope manly a signal generator and frequency counter without these items
being of true calibration it would be highly difficult to setup a radio to its perfect
operating state.
  • in many cases and from experience in seeing others setup radios they ask a friend to
stay on channel while they tune in the set to there set as well as trial and error
modulation settings which in any professional radio shack I am sure would make
them cringe to know that a transmit ion radio like this is set up so crudely commonly
known in the trade as butchery.
  • Buying a second had CB radio can be very problematic. when buying a radio from a
licensed amateur radio operator mind you may be exactly the opposite as due to the
licensing legislation you must undergo tests and courses which involve teaching you
how to setup maintain and correctly transmit and broadcast your signal on well
maintained equipment. This means that the operator would have over the years
obtained his radio shack equipment to such a high standard and level in which he will
have access to signal generators frequency counters and scopes which are reasonably
or perfectly calibrated, this is because he understands the importance of accuracy
needed in transmit ion.
  • Brief description to why this accuracy is needed.
if you are on your radio set and broadcasting on a carrier wave of 27.99975 lets say
then you would be received at the other end by someone listening on that carrier
frequency if your set is set above or bellow the set is said to be off channel and would
sound to your receiving station as either week signal or very bad audio. You will have
difficulty in making contact. 
Modulation if this is set too high then you will sound like a distorted cheap high-fi
with a blew up speaker cone more of a wet fart so to speak of it is too low then
stations at a further distance away from you will get a good signal yet not make out
any audio because your modulation is the audio transmitted across the channels
frequency know as the carrier. All of these factors must be as accurate as possible to
effectively maintain good contacts between stations.
  • Brand New set such as the Mycom EM27 are very good new SMT style DSP/AD
radios that do a very good job in fact much better job that the older sets due to there
modern technology and the implementation of Digital Signal Processing. Cobra's new
radios have incorporated similar technology in there radio sets (if your thinking you
want the illegal as such opened out channels low, mid, Muppet, high you can by sets
new already like this just look bare in mind they are classed as a amateur radio set
because the frequencies the old radios were modified to or imported from America
used the amateur radio band's) 
10Metre is a 100% amateur band and there is a radio set in a CB package which
transmits on this frequency even an amateur radio operator who has a foundation
license can not operate on the 10Meter band you need to have completed your
amateur license before operating 10 meter.
  • Licensing because many people have never bothered to get there CB license and those
that have went for there amateur license there is very few who technically use the CB
we all know that is not true but the polls show the majority don’t have a license
therefore meaning that Ofcom have decided to shut off the CB Band frequencies
come 2010 maybe sooner. Saying that I am sure if a dramatic increase was to occur in
the CB license Offcom would have no choice but to keep the band alive due to the
minority turning to the majority.
  1. Updated News to licence (15/11/2007) as of November 2006 last year the CB Licence was abolished and is no longer required see my other review on CB Licensing it is now free to operate a UK 80 channel radio set in the UK without obtaining a CB radio licence BUT NOTE you are required to respect the rules and regulations set down for transmit ion on those frequencies. A UK 80 set comprises of the 2 block the UK 40 channels of 27mhz CEPT and the euro 40 channels which operate lower down from the UK CEPT in the 26 - 27 MHz range. So buy a set and you can talk at no extra cost of a license.
  2. All new radio sets have to conform to a new standard set by Ofcom and mean that each set must be manufactured to a greater and more effective manufacture than was used prior to 1998, this also means that new radios and there technology is required before you can use the radio even though this is not technically enforced it can be.
  3. Radios are set by the manufacturer in accordance set down by Ofcom and this means Radios produced after 2001 are fitted with a anti-tamper sticker which must be broken if the radio is opened so if you buy a new set and this sticker is damaged or not present you can be prity sure the set has been tampered with and is not legally allowed to be used. older sets are exempt from this rule prior to 1998 but must be well maintained and must not exceed 5 wats of power RMS, meaning its not technically legal to use an older radio set but can be accepted on proviso the radio is in accordance with the transmit ion regulations.
  • At present in 2005 ofcom are making it difficult for you to apply for your CB license as in my
local area the post office no longer deal with the application it must be obtained from
the ofcom web site, how are people to know that it is ofcom they must gain the
application from as the post office don’t even know how strange. (It may be different
in your area) never the less licensing for CB is changing.
It is Now 2007 and as of november of 2006 the CB license has been abolished. this means that it is leagal to transmit on a untampered with 80 chanel cb radio in acordance to the guidlines layed out by ofcom and the RSGB. so buy a CB radio setup correctly (in acordance with the guidline) and you are away. Buisiness, insulting behaviour and bad language are still not permited on the radio a review of the full license regulations will be made shortly.


  • saying all the above it is easy to see that for £15.00 and a few nights once a week you
can actually obtain your foundation amateur license which allows you to broadcast on
all HF frequencies including apart from 10 Metre as mentioned above. Of course you
are limited to a maximum of 10 Watts across the board but hey that is better than
5wats and for a bit of brain work and £15.00 that is far more economical you make
your own mind up.
  • The moral of the story is that OLD CB radios are not worth it unless you are good
with toys and want to play if you get a new one and its off channel, over modifying its
under warranty get another one. You are bound to get one right as transition radios
have to conform and be within a certain tolerance and with modern systems that
tolerance is actually pretty good.
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