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Hope this may help someone. i have had 3 cbr900 (918) And 6 cbr 929s (still have 2). as most blade riders will know it can sound like a mozzy when you brake. ( a buzzing every time you pull the brake leaver at the calipers ) . this has happened on almost all my blades even when putting in new brake pads (well known brand) and i changed most of them to try and stop the noise . some people  would say tamper off the ends of the brake pads,scratch them with sand paper, and so on and so on. lots of people asking how to stop the noise on forums. i have ocd so my bikes have to be right and the noise was driving me mad and i try,ed very thing over the years but not for one min did i think the pads could be at fault being a top make.... even took to sets of pads back to the shop saying they are know good for the job (noise problem only). anyway i went to honda and asked about the brake noise problem, that i had on most of my blades and that lots of other riders having the same problem..... would you believe it, it was as simple fix. spend the extra £5 per set and put oem HONDA PADS in. i bought a set of honda pads there and then, and they where only £5 or so more than the well known brand i had been buying. and guess what NO  more bloody noise. all the years of people and shops saying thats what cbr900 and 929s do. NO ITS NOT i put in honda pads and it fixed both my 929 blades .hope this helps some one out as i know i hear alot of people talking about this problem on forums. this is just my opinion and it worked for me, and this is what honda told me and it worked (they did say other stuff about  other brakes) i have talked to other blade riders and i know after telling them they changed there pads and the noise stopped as i asked the to text me if it worked .... i got some happy texts. this may happen on other bikes bottom line put in oem pads............ hope this helps some of you out there.
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