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Reviewing a cheap dvr form an ebay seller "ebuy4uk" .  4 channel dvr. first glimpse seems to operate ok

For images of the dvr use the link below

4 Channel output , VGA, BNC output, 1 Audio in 1 audio out, RS485, Net, 2 USB

Recording & Playback.
Recording are done in 1 hour increments, so it much easier to search, unlike older recorders
Full D1 available , each channel can be customised to record in the format and quality you want eg. each one can be different.  For test purposes the recording was done in d1 full frame rate. Play back was excellent. Good images are also dependant on good quality cameras with a high tvl.  I am using 480tvl & 540 tvl 1/3 Sony and images are recognisable.
Recording and playback at the sametime is possible, there was no glitching or freezing etc and playback was excellent.
Files can be converted to avi to play back on pc.

Software Included:
Everything you need, codecs for playing h.264, h.264 to avi converter, apps for android, iphone, s60, IE plugins,

You can simultaniously view your camera on the net, using internet explorer, you may have to install the active x software first, included on the supplied disc.  You can search and replay any recoding also.  Streaming is cutomisable from quality to fast. the quality setting may cause a delay in the picture you are viewing if your broadband is slow. The fast setting is perfectly adequate and lagged in only a few seconds.
settings for net seem to be feature rich and its not too difficult if you are computer savvy, but they can be difficult for a novice.

works very well , files converted to avi using the supplied software to view in windows media player.

The dvr is capable of digital zoom, you right click on the mouse and create a box, where you want to zoom and then select in the box, zoom seems to be endless, but of course you do lose quality.

feature rich , multiple capabilities, net access, net access to settings, excellent playback, small size, vga output, individual settings for each camera

does not have internal fan (necessary as the hardrive can get hot) I will be fitting one, mobile software not very good on android and Nokia, Iphone worked very well, remote not very functional

oveall I am very pleased with the DVR it is much more capable, compared to my 5 year old dvr wich cost around £250 at that time , obviously things have moved on since then. This dvr is feature rich and capable of simultanious tasks without any glitching, and for the price of £89.99 it is a bargain.  There are however other bargain DVRs at around £100 on ebay, which I think would also be a good buy: See below.
Some of the main differences between the cheaper dvrs and the more expensive ones:
1. The ability to receord more frames per second, which means that you dont get a gap in the movement of an object or person.
2. Playback is smoother, due to more powerfull processor and more recorded images per second.  During playback the cheaper dvrs jump every few seconds.  The proffessional ones give you a fluid count threw the time sequence and the image is more flowing rather than jumpy.

The AVTECH KPD 674 is from a well known brand and has product support on their website, in addition there is also a seller offering a 3 year warranty for an extra £10.

Another interesting dvr is sold by ebayer "cctv-direct-sales-ltd"

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