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The purpose of htis Guide is to help you seclect a CCTV system for your home.

We only sell UK CCTV systems and you get a 12months warrenty with all duty paid, please dont buy from china Buyers you will not get anything fixed if it goes wrong, we offer a full 12 months warrenty on all items purchased from the spy store.

CCTV cameras

Cameras come in all different models and makes, the most easy way to have a cctv system for your home or small buiness is to purchase one of our kits. The kits are nice and easy to install and if you get stuck you can call us on 0115 9224390 and I will be more than happy to help you with your new purchase.

Day/Night cameras upto 10 or 15 metres help to build a better picture at night time, the image switches from colour to black and white automatically to ensure a good image as dusk falls.

The Kits we sell have Infra-red Lights called L.E.D's built into the body of the camera which is also fully water and weather proof!

All you need to do is postion the cameras on a wall using 2/3 red wall plugs and supplied screws and then connect to the supplied cables back to the DVR.



A DVR is a Digital Video Recording unit, basically the same as an old VHS tape player without the old Tapes! All the camera images are recorded onto a computer hard drive built in the DVR for viewing later.

The DVR can take 4 cameras inputs on most of our kits, there are separate DVR's in our listings that can take more Camera inputs as needed and you can increase recording space with a bigger hard drive.

Most of the four camera kits have a 250gig hard drive for recording, on super quality record this will last upto 4 days and if you change the settings (easy done using the supplied remote control) you can get over 7 days recording @ 25 frames per second. Any less than 25fps and all you will see is an image of a person or object then in the next second the person has gone, thats why its not best practice to use say 12fps or lower. Stick to 25fps or above.


Power for the camera is simple, one plug for each camera using the supplied leads back to the supplied plug and play power supply. It really is that simple! Any questions please call, dont feel daft in asking where things go, we all have to learn and most people have never setup a DVR or cameras before hence reading this.

Power for the DVR is just a kettle plug.


If you do need it to be installed we can travel to your work or home and offer security advice, personal or just tips on keeping your home secure.

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