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How not to loose your money to scammers who advertise selling CDs.  Check the feedback of CD sales of the people selling large amounts of CDs to verify they are what they claim to be.  Someone who is out to rip you off will simply build up credible feedback (often from buying cheap items) then start to sell by advertising large amounts of CDs (or anything else for that matter) which are just cheap copies or sometimes they just dont send the goods to the buyers.  Then before feedback starts to appear they cancel their accounts and disappear.  After a short while they do the same thing under a new account.  I've been caught with this so can speak from experience, and this guide has been put together specifically as a help to other buyers to identify the safer sellers.  Therefore you can make a difference and help others by voting YES below in so doing making this advice more visible to others in order to help make eBay a safer place to buy and sell.

 Things to look for:

  • PO Box address
  • Payment by cheque only
  • Large amounts of similar items suddenly appearing from this one seller
  • No feedback on a line of items they obviously specialise in
  • New sellers with huge amounts to sell
  • Only feedback from other sellers and no buyers
  • In the recent past there have been huge scams selling CDs from a questionable member using multiple IDs based in Coventry


  • Buy from sellers who have feedback for the items you want
  • Buy from sellers who have been around for a while
  • Buy from sellers with credentials
  • Know what to look for in a sellers feedback
  • With second hand sales you should expect to see images of the disks for sale in the advert then you will know if they are copies by the what is printed on them.
  • You can always ask a question if it doesn't feel right.

If you dont believe me, just try typing Joanna Leeson into Google and see what I mean. 

eBay ID  music-2006-uk  will have a similar effect.

This is a simple guide to inform you of the dangers from being unwary.  Like swimming with Sharks, it can be safe if you are aware of the danger signs.



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