CD Buyers Bible

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Regardless of your musical tastes, Buying CD`s on E-bay is by far the cheapest way of building up your music collection.  

Since about 2000/2001 I have purchased approx 500 CD`s , of which about 80% have been purchased via E-bay.

During that time I have built up a varied buying experience which I hope to share with you...

Here are a few tips that I hope you will find useful.-......

1, Before bidding/purchase, research your choice, Pick examples and "watch" them in your E-bay, observing bidding trends and accumalate a few final selling fees.

2, After deciding to bid, set a strict maximum bid and leave it at that, (If you miss out by 20p, don`t despair, titles always come round again.)

3, Check titles and descriptions carefully, Many CD`s are re-released, remaster`d and re-packaged under different labels and catalogue numbers.

4, E-bay operates a strict policy of prohibiting copied / bootleg CD`s , but some still sneak through, Be mindful if a CD title  looks a little strange and not part of the artist`s back catalogue.

5, Be wary of "Buy it now" when the CD is yet to be released. This can mean that the seller is advertising a CD he himself has not yet purchased.( You pay in advance and the seller then purchases at a lower price and gets his seller to ship to your address).. This is known as "dropshipping" ..

5a, Although the above is not illeagal, It always pays to have  internet tab`s open to various other mainstream CD outlets at the same time as bidding. ( Many times HMV , PLAY.COM, CD WoW etc have been cheaper than similar items for sale).

6, The only other warning is to be wary of an influx of East European sellers who "hide" their postage charges within their description. ( Although E-bay have come down on this practice).

7, On a positive note, as I have stated earlier , I have purchased hundreds of CD`s over the last few years and have really enjoyed browsing E-bay for literally hours for a particular title.

8, As a final buying tip, filter your buying choices by genre/musical taste etc. but filter further by selecting the maximum price. ie £1.00 . (Although at the time these low bids look way too low, if you bid on enough titles, it is surprising how many items you win for next to nothing seven days later!!!)

Keep bidding , and keep music real!!  

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