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As from the 21st August 2006 the way you send a packet is changing.  If any item is more than 25mm thick it will be classed as a packet, if previously your item was less than 60grams you would pay 32p postage, between 60grams and 100grams 49p, from the 21st it will be classed as up to 100grams and will be £1. If you send by recorded it will be an extra 68p on top if the item goes over the measurement.  This is because Postcom believe that our letter boxes are 25mm in depth, have measured mine and it is 37mm, and a numbe of friends have measured theirs, and they say the same.  For some reason, this isnt the post office trying to make money, its Postcom trying to cut down the amount of packets going missing, but it doesnt really explain why the size of packets has been reduced. 

So from now on you will see many sellers putting their prices up, or at least, without realising going to the post office and finding the item more to post, by which they will contact you, the buyer, asking for more postage.  So please be aware should this happen, the seller is not trying to get more money out of you, its because of the new posting rules.

I am having to put the price of my postage up also, i begrudge doing this, but have no choice, like many other sellers.  So please dont take it out on us, it is out of our hands.

This will not affect Europe or the rest of the world (Postcom must think they have bigger letter boxes than we do!) 

You can get a leaflet regarding this from any local post office.

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