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       Boy!! how do we keep up, fashion is changing at a rapid rate this year we started with Vintage, lovely vintage the pencil wiggle skirts were seen everywhere the sexy secretary look was truly in, with big pussy bow blouses, chiffon and satin for the evenings, georgeous dresses that fit snuggly over your curves, we can blame Victoria B for that one. Then as the weather warmed up after Jan and we hit autumn we had a real mix , rock chick t shirts and little ankle boots tights and mini skirts once again. A very high heeled enclosed shoe like Mary Janes and a studded version of the Jimmy Choo shoes were upon us. Gradually the trend changed once more with A Nautical theme hitting the stores blues white reds were around in all sorts of different themes anchor and stripes were definately in , in a big way. Then just 2 months on with our wardrobes full of Nautical yes you guessed it a change again.   The 80s inspired tartan, in all colours dresses, skirts even tops and shoes were given the checked look, more suitable for the younger generation really. Also best of all and my personal favourite Animal Print this doesnt have to look cheap or trashy no head to toe Bet Lynch from corri, but just stylish touches shoes edged in animal print a belt around a plain top, but for the evening you can go full blown animal print with a dress and little clutch bag, even a bag in this print against a modest outfit can look great, i love the grey animal prints best there not as harsh as the brown and yellow leopard prints out there and somehow look more classy too.

Oh i nearly forgot FOLK a gypsy look with embroidery lace tie front tops and dresses, floaty sleeves lots of Chiffon and lace is coming in, and a hippy boho mix of small floral prints on a darker fabric for the winter, covered with a wool or faux fur gillet. Browns and creams and wooden bangles.


I think this will be here to stay as we approach Christmas your also see alot of tartan Satin and leopard print dresses.

Cant wait to see what the New Year brings us can you ? a little tip hang onto your patent shoes girls and lacey tops !!!

Jan 09..... Happy new year, well the credit crunch has hit us all and we need those bargains more and more at the moment, the shops dont seem to be changing there stock like they used to they have found things tough too, sale items are there to be had but not bang in date are they? everyone seems to have large patent bags ugg and eskimo boots,and brown is in too. But i cant wait until autumn finally get we can get rid of those thick coats scarfs and gloves and this cooooold weather, will update soon with the whats in this coming autumn.


This Spring is nearly here and the younger generation are wearing fleuresent bright glow in the dark clothes and accessories, Ugg boots are finally coming off and very high heels are everywhere in the shops gladiator strappy high sandals and lots of Platforms. This year will be bright and colourful, that lovely Coral, and strong Colbalt blue is in and Purple too. Summer update floral is big this summer bright bolds and small floral designs too,lots of girly dresses around this season.

Shops report a massive sale upturn in foundation, keep your skin looking flawless apply with a brush for a perfect finish, eyeshadows in colour blues, and neutrel lips glosses. False eyelashes are back if you can keep them on girls. Get your toes ready for bright varnishs to match your colour of the outfit you wear and to look good in your sandals. Clutch bags will be big to especially the vintage 80s ones.

update 2010

This year will be florals,nude tan and cream and a lovely light peach colour for spring/summer although they will be in shops in the Spring early some warm weather needed for these colours and great with a tan very south of france looking. Very light floaty fabrics thin cottons, loose baggy trousers very femine strappy sandals with stiletto heels and shoes that match your light coloured bags.Long beaded necklaces in light coloures again.


Well the suns gone away and its getting chilly, people are already getting their wollies in and coats, can you beleive the fashion houses

this year nothing has changed too much, green karki in again animal prints, miliatary coats jackets nothing we havent seen before i guess its going to be a anything goes autumn /winter season this year. Boots pirate look tassels and over knees. Hair flicks are in 80s look think Farah Fawcett, for those who know who she is and large waves with barrell curls. Flight Jackets, faux furs, Scarfs are big news this year sales at a all time high and great for updating your look with so many colours and styles available,large pendants freedom at topshop has Kate Moss designs and bangles, boots Uggs yes they make me go ugg, not everyones taste.

What would we do without ebay with this constant turnaround in the fashion world, they certainly keep us on our toes and dipping into our purses but thats what it all about good old Retail Therapy. Have fun and enjoy its the best part of being a female lol.



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