CHANGING SAMSUNG E700/710/715 casing/facia (repair

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Tools needed: Phillips x No 0 Screwdriver, possibly torx size 6 * screwdriver,Thin tweezers/Pin/fingernail, an old debit or credit card (to separate the case edges).

1) Turn the phone off and remove the battery and sim card.

2) Using the Pin or a fingernail remove the two rubber covers on the rear of the phone near the top to reveal two screws.(e710/e715)

3) With the Phillips screwdriver or t6 to remove all the screws on the rear of the phone, there are four (4) (e700) or six (6) keep these screws safe. (note that longer screws go into top)

4) Starting at the charger contact port, slide your fingernail or debit card between the edges/seam and work it around the edge, complete this all the way around until the back cover comes off. **Note** whilst doing this be careful not to lose any buttons, plugs or port covers as these will now be loose.

5) Now the back cover is off you can separate the ribbon cable from the circuit board and then remove the circuit board, followed by the keypad. (To remove the ribbon just pull upwards at the end opposite the ribbon, to replace just set it in place and gently push down, this is almost similar to pulling Velcro apart)

6) Remove the small (usually black) piece of tape close to the ribbon cable and put it in a safe place. (Can be used for refitting)

7) Now to remove the flip hinge from the bottom of the phone, this is quite simple, you can use a flat headed screwdriver or small metal rod e.g. thick paper clip, just push the item you are using into the black part of the hinge rod on the left side and the top and bottom should come apart.

8) Thread the ribbon cable through the hole in the hinge and the top and bottom should now be fully separated.

9) Once again if not already done so using a Pin or a fingernail remove the two rubber covers near the hinge on the inside to reveal two screws, remove these and keep them safe.

10) Now repeat step four (4) and separate the two parts **Note** There is possibly double sided tape under the blue/grey part of the hinge, use caution to remove the faceplate.

11) You can now remove the LCD circuit board by lifting this up and it will disconnect from the camera at the top, to remove the speaker parts a little pressure is needed as they are stuck into place with double sided tape.(best to prise out with a small flat headed screwdriver)

12) Removal of the camera is the same as removal of the speaker, as it to is held in by double-sided tape.

13) After removal of the camera you should see black rubber, under this is a magnet, this HAS to also be removed and placed into your new casing/housing as it tells the phone if the camera is opened or closed.

14) You will also now see in the old housing/casing a spring-loaded part, and opposite housing these need to be removed and placed into your new casing/housing. Ditto in reverse for refitting!

Refitting is the same as removal, prior to throwing your old case away, ensure your new one comes with all parts otherwise you may need to salvage other bits from your old carcass.

I used this method to remove and replace my casing/housing with no problems, but I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your phone when changing your casing.

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