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This is the list of the CHEAPEST Courier Websites in the UK.

Why pay TRIPLE the price you would using the Royal Mail OR for larger parcel Parcel Force are the UK's most EXPENSIVE COURIER!!!

Save extra money + offer cheaper p&p rates to your customers.

Relax from the comfort of your own home + only major companies are used such as DHL. This is genuine & 100% real. The reason it is cheaper through these companies is that they set up contracts and get millions of parcel a year to send so they work on commission and earn money every time you send + major carriers get more parcels.

(EBAY says you cant put the link in, just type in www. followed by the company and the they all end in

The first is INTERPARCEL They offer a WIDE range of parcel from only £4.99 Simply sign up and get a 5% discount on all orders! They use DHL, UPS, FEDEX, INTERLINK, CITY, MYHERMES & CITY SPRINT!

The second is PARCEL2GO They offer a slightly cheaper price than inter parcel HOWEVER to book with them you must book a shipment atleast 48 hours in advance. If you order for the next day they wont pick it up so be warned.

The third is by far the BEST!! Prices start at £3.99 INCLUDING VAT FOR UPTO 2KG!!!!! If you dont mind waiting a bit longer MYHERMES Superb Service!!!

These are the cheapest courier sites in the UK + is your seller charging you too much?? Then simply ask to arrange your own shipment and go through the companies above.

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