CHILDRENS BOOKS- BY HOTCRITIC-cheapest books in town)

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Though I have only been on my account for just over a week, I have found that childrens books are the hardest category to list. It's not that ebay don't give enough listing options, or that there are not enough childrens books to go around. No, it is the wide selection of childrens books, not to mention authors !

I first found the problem when i listed an enid blyton book, though to be fair, you would have to go to my shop, or listings, to find it, i could not decide on a young reader having it read by a parent/ carer, or an older child sitting and reading it. So there was my first problem, young or older child?

Then did I list in ' popular author' , or 'adventure'? It was getting worse. I know it is beginning to sound an ebay fault, but it really wasn't. I t was  up to me to put it in a category that I thought would be easier to find.

I have listed ' romance', ' horror', ect with no problem what so ever. But when it came down to it, I made one decition, books are like children- there are so many, lovely, enjoyable and fun- it wasn't worth worrying about , because like children, if you really need to find it, it won't take you long!

Well there goes my first guide, and in case you missed it, if you are listing childrens books, just put them where you would like to find them, leave the rest to the kids!

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