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when you see 14kt gold with 3 4 6 ct gem stones selling for 10 usd or15 usd ask the Chinese seller who by the way has only been an ebay member for the last 3 to 6 months to guarantee hat the item  is solid 14kt gold he usually sends you an email saying his "supplier has guaranteed to him it is .THEY ALL use this line i have had at least ten of them reported to ebay and loose there listings the gems are coloured glas or some other rubbish.ebay offers no protection against they keep coming back under new  names and fake yahoo email   addresses report any one you come across . i was scammed by them and make it my work to stop them where i can.i lost every case i opened against paypal kept reversing my cases and awarding my money to them$1300.00USD because i sent the items to the addresses supplied by paypal they all said they never  received them 3 or 4 came back insufficient address in chinese so beware of chinese bearing base metal as gold CJ.

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