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I have now owned my beloved Shineray gy 125 for nearly four months, I have had much pleasure from last waffle about bikes does not seemed to have attracted to much attention as I went on a bit (sorry).

I shall list the main points below as regards the bike, the negative first and then postive...hope this helps.  Shall keep it brief 10 points in each catagory so as not to bore you dear reader.

1.  You will need to check the tightness of the nuts and bolts at least once a month, if not sooner.  My side stand fell off after I checked everything else but did not pay attention to that area.

2.  My rev counter packed up almost immeadiatly after only doing a few miles.

3.  I don't know what psi the tyres should be at as it's measured in KPA, so I put 30 psi in both wheels and the mechanic said at the 2nd service it was ok.

4.  Having rode various bikes it is not the most stable feeling, but what do you expect from such a small cc bike.

5.  I broke down once just around the corner from my home, ironically it was going for it's 2nd service since I owned it that trip.

6.  Turned out to be the carb was blocked, one of the jets got gummed up, I think.  'Cause when I drained the carb there were small black specks in petrol.

7.  Comfortable for about 30 miles after that it's not so comfy, but I do weight 16 stone; take that into account.

8.  Had to put a piece of platic above the clocks as light was shining up from the headlamp and ruining my night vision.

9.  Only single seat bike has no pillion footpegs and seat is spacious for one but would not fit 2.

10.  One side of the exhaust is had to get to with a spanner or socket (yep it vibrated loose).


1.  Reliable, if you give it a bit of TLC, and very cheap to insure, tax and run (114mpg).  Rampdale £121/ year third party fire and theft (40 year old on provisional with no points)

2.  Fast(ish) 65Mph with a little bit left in it.

3.  Front and rear disk brakes which are wicked, thought I have never had to pull them very hard.

4.  Nice ride height 865mm which is not the tallest but not the shortest either; I am 5' 9" and I find the ride ok.

5.  Very cheap parts available for it.

6.  Good fun to ride (mind you you know the joke about fat girls and mopeds?)  They are both fun to ride until your friends find out!

7.  Very powerful front (Halogen) light for such a small bike.

8.  Reasonable light if you got to lug it around as I have to, keeping it around the back of the house.

9.  Good build quality (as one of the mechanics commented at it's last service).  Have a look at the welding it's well good.

10.  Is not rusting fast as I keep it outside under a oxford breathable cover.  Surface rust but nothing major.

and one more for luck...

11.  Nice engine note for a small 4 stroke.

Hope this helps if you are thinking of getting one of these bikes.


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