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Hello boys and girls! Well, thank you everyone for the feedback ive received.  So I decided, like with most good stories, to write a sequel, youll be glad to know that the original cast are all case you missed the blockbuster that was part I, refer over to collectibles (apparentkly i couldnt put the guide into coins, I wonder why?) and maybe this makes part II a little more coherent.

At the end of part I youll remember that Im here in desperate peril, tied down to the railway tracks of a financial con-trick by the unbreakable bonds that are PayPals so-called Buyer Protection Policy, and waiting for the PayPal cavalry to arrive...unfortunately unknown to the hero PayPal was busy tripping over the piles of cash it is making in profits.  Meanwhile a sneaky Chinese seller has vamoosed with the cash...for, in a desperate bid to salvage ANYTHING from this swindle, he has had to deal with the Bad Guy...

remember this from part 1?

to: robotnyk_again

Date: Sun 7th May 2006

Dear friend,
Very happy letter received you. we sell coin have appraisal and collection certificate,and is 999 silver,it isn't currency. i do't think anywhere discontented of my coin, I send back you GBP30.00 ,please repeal paypal above of complaint, Or you need return my item ,whe ni accept it,i wll return you all miney soon,

Let us live in the world peacely ,Looking forward to your replying...Thanks
Well this is some kind of backup I suppose- The cost of the package to send back would have meant Idve been left with less than £30, so its Something I suppose.

From: robotnyk_again

Date: Thur 11th May 2006

I am extremely unhappy at having to accept your offer of £30 plus the coins, in my opinion you have deliberately greatly and unfairly profited out of this situation.  Simply send back the £30 as soon as possible, and you will never hear from me again

All together now: "Its shhhh".....
From: Robotnyk_again
Date Sun 14th May 2006

I have already accepted your terms in a previous email- and the claim dropped- please refund the money as soon as possible.

to: robotnyk_again

Date: Sun 7th May 2006

Dear friend,

Very happy letter received you.
I sell is a commemorate silver coin.The item is to can't circulate,
There is no 10 yuan face value on the silver coin,You are clear,
The item you received is the item you bid on like the picture.I can not think you are some dissatisfactory with it.
is equity on the EBAY platform bargain,Your dissatisfied item
you return the Silver coin to me and I return the money to you. I think it is fair if we do like this ,

I mail address is:
And the refund??? Well what a mention of money!! Why would that be? Simple, because the seller knows now that he does not HAVE to issue the £30 refund anymore!! Now look at what could happen-
I could send the coins back, they arrive, seller issues £84 refund..only Ive already spent maybe £60 sending the coins back in order to get my OWN MONEY back.  Latest indications that out of the £84that came out of my bank account, I would probably be able to put £15-20 back. 

I could send the coins back, they never arrive- Im down £84 +£60 return postage, seller up £84.  After all, things disappear easily in China dont they? I would have to trust the seller to admit to reciving the coins after all....

I keep the coins, lose £84, seller gains £84.

Nice choice. So I ask paypal their advice.  After all, this mess is down to them, THEY should know, shouldnt they?

'During my paypal-based refund claim, a seller offered a token refund of the payment for my dropping the claim. After my claim was rejected by paypal, I contacted the seller to agree this pre-arranged private refund, but now the seller has widthdrawn it and is apparently refusing all conatct.  So as it stands, I have lost all the money paid towards the lot.  What do I do now? Theres no point in going through the refund claim again, becaue you will just refuse it again (the refund was based on my returning the lot at  my own expense and the economics of shipping told me that I would receive very little in the way of a refund should I do so).

The omens arent good.  But of course, they must know about which case right? But this just about sums up PayPals attitude:

PayPal understands your concern and desire to resolve the dispute in question. However, once a Buyer Complaint has been cancelled, it is considered resolved and cannot be reopened. Should you have the need to file another Buyer Complaint in the future, we suggest that you do not cancel the complaint until you have received the merchandise or a refund from the seller.

We encourage you to continue to work with the seller for a mutual resolution. You can seek other avenues of resolution such as an auction website if one was used to conduct this transaction....To avoid similar experiences in the future, we recommend that you read our Buyer Complaint Policy..

HELLO PAYPAL!!! WHO CANCELLED THE CLAIM? YOU DID!! WHY??  COS I COULDNT SUPPLY A TRACKING NUMBER!! WHY NO TRACKING NUMBER? I COULDNT AFFORD TO PAY A SECOND TIME!!! WHY COULDNT I AFFORD IT? BECAUSE OF THE £80 I WAS CONNED OUT OF THE FIRST TIME!!  "You can seek other avenues of resolution such as an auction website" THIS IS EBAY PAYPAL!!! The whole point of claiming through PayPal, is because ebay AUTOMATICALLY directs someone filing a claim to PayPal, should that be entered as the method of payment.  So much for the Buyer Protection Policy- frankly it is as counterfeit as the so called Certificates of Authenticity. Well, I am exporing another avenue PayPal, and thats the subject for the next sequel- Return of the Swizz! 


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