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We get asked a lot of questions about which beds are most suited to which pets. Here are our top tips if you are thinking of purchasing a bed on ebay, aimed mainly at dogs but also applicable to cats - please remember that you can drop us an email if your question isnt answered here!!


When purchasing a bed, consider the size, health and needs of your pet.


In general bigger is better when it comes to dog beds - dogs love to stretch out.. You want to allow room for growth, if you dog is still growing, and you want to allow rom for movement regardless of whether your dog is still growing or if he's already at maximum size.

For foam sided beds measure the length of your dog while he is curled up. Measure from the top of his head to the point where his tail meets his hindquarters, and then add 7 to 9 inches.

If you will be buying a mattress dog bed, then measure your dog, from nose to where his tail meets his hindquarters, and add 12 inches.

"Sofa Style" beds allow a bit more room for pets that like to stretch as both dogs and cats quickly realise they can slouch up against the sides!


Think about the type of bed your dog would be most comfortable in. Dog beds come in many styles such as pillows, solid foam beds and more unusual styles such as sofas. Pillows or mattresses are the most economical option. Foam beds and more unusual styles are slightly more expensive but in most cases look a great deal smarter.


What is the bed filled with? Is it solid foam or mixed material fill? Our grey check beds are solid foam whereas our polka dot beds and designer fur beds are mixed material fill. What is the difference? Well, whilst both are washable the foam beds will dry much faster (ideal if your bed requires frequent washing) whereas the mixed material fill ones are much comfier so more suitable for elderly pets or those sleeping in their beds on a hard floor.


Quality beds will always have a label attached with washing instructions and if these are carefully followed your bed should look like new after a wash!


Does your dog chew? From experience! we highly recommend "bitter bite" (available from pet shops) to put on the beds to make them less appealing to chew! We have also been informed by our customers that lemon juice and tabasco sauce (!) work well on prolific chewers.


EVERY business seller on eBay is OBLIGED UNDER UK LAW to accept returns (some exceptions apply to certain products and services, but this is not applicable to pet beds!). Check that the seller you are purchasing from has a full returns policy - it is VERY easy to get the wrong sized bed, especially when you are just working from a photograph. It may help to email the seller and ask for an approximation of the sort of animal a certain bed would fit to ascertain whether it would be suitable for your pet. Do not be fobbed off by sellers on ebay with large ranges of pet products claiming to be 'private' not 'business' sellers - anyone selling large amounts of pet products IS a business seller regardless of what they tell you hence your rights still apply.

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