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Thought I would write this guide to help my customers when deciding what products would be best for cleaning and maintaining their bikes.


Firstly you will want to start by washing your bike. I recomend trying both wurth bike wash, and Wurth vehicle shampoo. I normally start by hosing my bike down, then spraying all the grubby bits with Bike wash. I use an old tooth brush,washing up brush or sponge to work it in, and loosen up the muck. I then hose it off and then wash the entire bike down using the Wurth vehicle shampoo, 3-4 capfuls per bucket works great. Then hose off with fresh water. Top product for dirty wheel is the wurth engine and wheel cleaner - fantastic for removing chain lube,and brake dust. I also give my chain a blast with wurth brake and chain cleaner, to keep my chain in top condition, before re-lubing with either wurth dry chain lube, or wurth chain wax. I personally use the chain lube when my bike is in constant use, and if i'm gonna leave the bike for a week or so, I use the wax,as it coats the chain with a protective layer, kind of like the stuff that on the chain when it comes out the box,great for stopping rust, if you don't have a garage either.



Once the bike is dry I then polish it using wurth motorcycle polish to keep the paintwork in top condition and looking nice and shiny!! I also like to make my like easier for the next clean, so  I spray the bodywork with either wurth spray wax or wurth silicone spray to protect the paintwork, and the road muck does'nt seem to stick so easily. The silicone spray is also great for bringing any faded black plastic back to life and even for your car bumpers!


Hope you have found this guide useful.




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