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Clever Purchasing on eBaY Auction Sales

I have actually like the principle of competition on putting on bids on each item with fair auction sales on bidding and keeping the highest bid on with ebay's own measurement on actual increase price if there is no futher highest one. The best way I can suggest buyers that they must check how many watchers are on the particular auction you are interested on and what is  the maximum amount of price you can afford. For me I do check the product first on buy it now as well to find out what  is maximum amount you can pay. Then leaving certain margin and checking availibility of same product on same site or any other online sites I conclude the maximum good price for the auction on put on as my highest bid on auction. But still I wont put that highest on bid until the auction is about to end last minutes with 30-40 secs and then I will start to bid when it is 20 secs left so that I can put my maximum intended cost on the auction if the auction is too low I think there will be chance for me to win the product as the next bid will have very limited time to figure it out what is the highest amout of bidding I put on. Then while trying once or twice the price wont rise I would suggest this is the best way to purchase item in auction if you really want to win the auction for the item you are interested on.
Please let me know your suggestion as I assume you should have similar and better experiences on purchasing and being a lucky bidders to win most of the auction that you want to win from the very beginning.

Thank you.

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