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CNM Touchpad + Free Case, great bundle 4 XMAS. The 1st thing you find yourself needing when you buy yourself a new Tablet is a case for it anyway. Having 1 thrown in 4 free is a real bonus. It's no luis vuitton but does the job. The Android OS functions well on this device. Great alternative for someone wanting a cheap and cheerful tablet. I would defininitely buy this again if I had a birthday or christmas coming up.

The CNM touchpad is Argos's own brand of Tablet. You feel you are getting a better quality tablet when you know that it has been put together by Argos(compared to A LOT of cheaper chinese android tablets out there which are riddled with hardware and software issues) You feel safe plugging it in at night, your charger won't catch fire and melt your new Tablet.

I think overall the nexus probably does perform slightly better, however there really isn't much in it and considering the price difference between the two I would say that you are better off going for a CNM tablet and saving the extra money for a memory card or something like that. 

This product gets a 5* Thumbs up from me

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