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Before you bid on a Coach women's bag or purse please be aware that there are many counterfeit examples on sale. All Coach bags have a Coach 'creed' inside that states their serial number. If there is no clear picture of this number on the listing, or the seller doesn't supply this, then ask for it! If the seller won't tell you it or there isn't one then that the bag is probably a fake. Excuses like 'I don't want anyone listing a bag with the same serial number' are just that: Excuses.

Avoid sellers who list multiple listings of similar Coach bags at cheap Buy it Now prices. Coach doesn't sell off large volumes of bags at prices that are ridiculously low compared with the original price. Do an eBay Search Worldwide and compare the bag you are looking at with those on that have the same serial number or are the same style of bag to see as many pictures as you can. Be sure to find good, authentic Coach sellers' listings to compare pictures with. Look at completed listings too. Check out the Coach web-site '' for pictures of genuine bags. Coach is a US company, not an Italian one (although lots of their bags are now made in China.) You can find lists of fake serial numbers currently in use on ''

If the bag is a mixture of fabric and leather, look closely at the stitching and the material. Poor quality stitching and material is a dead giveaway of a fake. If the material is the signature jaquard style then the 'Cs' will line up properly on a genuine bag. When you can see the ends of Coach leather straps tucked through buckles or leather loops, they have nicely tapered ends, rather than having ends of the same width as the rest of the strap that are just cut off and stitched. Also, watch out for the words 'Coach Leatherwars' instead of Leatherware, a common spelling error on some fakes.

Coach bags don't come with cellophane wrapped handles. That's to protect cheap painted leather from being scratched or scuffed, and Coach leather isn't painted. Also, just because a new bag has labels doesn't mean it's real as these are faked too. There are even web-sites that supply templates to print your own Coach receipts!

The web-site '' is a good US site to visit to find out more about fake designer bags and the sellers who usually sell fakes, although please note that most of these sellers are in the US. You can also find lists of fake serial numbers currently in use on ''. Report known counterfeits here:

If you buy a designer bag on eBay, always pay by credit card through PayPal then if it's a counterfeit you can file a dispute through PayPal or your credit card company and get your money back.

Please do as much homework as you can before you spend a lot of money on any bag. Counterfeits range from poor quality, really obvious fakes, to 7 star fakes that cost as much and sometimes even more than the real thing.

Remember the maxim: If it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

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