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We have a new weapon on our streets, as if we didn't have enough to cope with...GUN'S, KNIVES, KNUCKLE DUSTERS and even American Pit bull dogs! Now we have a new danger...the pepper spray. the one shown at the top of this page is made by an american company named "COLD STEEL" ... pepper sprays very similar to the one above are carried and used in a U.S. television show called "Dog the bounty hunter" they are sprayed into the face and eye's of violent criminals to subdue them, reactions to the spray's vary but usually they will cause a painful burning sensation to the eye's and the throat, once subdued and handcuffed the "criminal's" eyes are washed out with cold water, My fear is that these Pepper sprays will be used illegally on our streets by Muggers and drug dealers, they may even be used against the Police, If used against the elderly and maybe people with heart conditions and respiratory problems the attack /s could prove to be fatal.

If you see or know of anyone carrying or being in possession of a Pepper spray please report this to the Police immediatly.

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GUIDE JULY 2009 By Ken Lambourne.

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