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It may sound hard to beleive but you can buy one of these with no questions asked from any number of registered "Sporting goods" stores in the U.S.A. you can even buy it on line and for a small contribution have it shipped pretty well any where that you really is that simple! But before you do that please check with the Police or HM Customs & Excise to find out wether it is illegal to bring one into England, to not do so could mean having the sword cane confiscated and destroyed, a hefty fine, and / or a prison sentence, please do heed this Warning !! 

Cold Steel are not bragging when they say that they make the worlds Strongest and Sharpest knives, the blade of the sword cane is that sharp you could quite literally shave with it! to say that it is amazing would be an understatement, quality control is extremely high, this is NOT a cheap copy, once the long blade has been carefully returned to its hollow cane it becomes a gentlemans walking cane.

I personally am not overly concerned that these will show up on our streets, your average "Blockhead" ie; Gang member, Drug dealer, Mugger etc couldn't afford to buy one ( they are not cheap! ) and assuming that they could, i seriously doubt that they would have the brains to work out how to open it...Send for a five year old or perhaps a trained Monkey ?

A very similar sword cane used to be carried by "john Steed" in the television show called "The Avengers" back in the mid 1960's...surely at least some of you are old enough to remember it? The Cold Steel Sword Cane is certainly worth considering even if it is only as a collectors fact im sure that in time it will increase in value...go on, treat yourself!

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GUIDE JULY 2009, By Ken Lambourne.

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