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I must add my experience and my thoughts to Angie's Review page on Colic.

I'm a First Time Mum.  I breastfed my Daughter for a 1 and half months, before putting her on Formula Milk.  (I have a second child now and experienced the same again.  Althugh this time I knew exactly what t expect....)

She was crying constantly and she got even more worked up when it came to feeding time.  I was told by a Midwife at the hospital that Breastfed babies don't get Colic........... Yeah right!  They Can!

Colicky Babies do want more soothing than others.  At first my daughter was constantly at the breast. I felt I couldn't do or go anywhere.  I used to write down in a little feeding book which breast she last fed on , what time and how long for, as I was that tired I kept forgetting which she fed off last.  

I introduced a Dummy by the 3rd week. Not normally recommended whilst breast feeding, but when I showed the Midwife how many times my daughter was on the breast, she simply said you can not go on like this.  She suggested a Dummy.  Can I just say, it did give me some rest bite, as she was using my breast as a soother and not actually feeding.  She just wanting comforting all the time.

Due to the selection of Formula Milk available, I didn't have a clue which was the best.  I spoke to my Sister in Law, who swore by Cow & Gate Omneo Comfort.

Once I weaned her off the breast Milk and on to Omneo (now known as Comfort), She was still bad with crying.

At this point Baby Blues!  I blamed myself for not being able to feed/wind her correctly.

I was recommended Infacol at first.  Which did seem to ease the discomfort of feeding at first.  Then it just seemed as though she'd got used to it and it wasn't working......

By this time my Daughter was 4 and half months old, with a mother who was nearly bald with pulling her hair out due to the constant crying.....

I went to the Doctor's - well what can I say!  He told me to try aired water and brown suger as a drink for her........... Tried it the once! Didn't work!

I even spoke to the Health Visitor and asked if she could be lactose intolerant.  After she went through a check list for it. She said She wasn't lactose Intolerant. At my wits end I asked If I should change her Formula Milk to Soya or another brand. 

My Health Visitor Strongly opposed this as firstly, you should only put your baby on Soya MIlk with advise from your Doctor? I wasn't aware of that? Secondly Midwives and Health Visitors are not really allowed to recommend Formula MIlk, but she did say she'd heard from a lot of mother's who'd tried different Milk for different problems and that Cow & Gate Omneo Comfort (Cow & Gate Comfort as it's now known as) was the one that seemed the best for those babies suffering from being sicky or colicky. 

So what to do, what to do! She was already on Cow & Gate Omneo Comfort!

By the way Cow & Gate Comfort, can make your babies stools slightly greenish in colour.  You get a little leaflet in the top part of the box which explains this. You also may need a variable/Fast Flow teat as you'll find this Formula Milk seems thicker than others.

After many tears, I went to the Boots (Chemist), I spoke to the pharmacist.  He recommended Colief.

£9.99 per bottle (7ml), place 2 drops Colief in the milk no less than 4 hours before a feed and no more than 12 before a feed.  Colief in breastmilk - I think you needed to put a few more drops in. I see Boots have reduced these to £9.95 now.

Highly Recommended!, but I must say, now and again I still gave my Daughter a little amount of Infacol as well. 

I continued with Colief right up until 6 and half months old, then weaned her off it.

I made a batch of bottles up at night for the next day.  Before going to bed I'd put 2 drops of colief in the first feed of the day.  On waking I'd put 2 drops in the next feed and so.  It got easier as the number of bottle feeds went down due to weaning.  I then just had to work out when I had to put colief in the next bottle so long as the bottle was going to be used before 12 hours had expired.

No one recommended that I should make a batch of feeds, but I mentioned to my health vistor and midwife that this is what I was doing and they were fine with it, as long as the feeds were used within the 24 hours, stored on a Fridge Shelf and not in the Fridge Door. 

I found making a batch of feeds up for the day easier than making them when they were required.  As feeding a baby with colic was stressful enough without rushing around making the feed up, boiling the kettle, cooling the water down before adding the Formula Milk.  Plus how can you add Colief in feeds at least 4 hours before, if you haven't made the feed yet......

Oh, just an after thought - I have been told by other mothers that use Cow & Gate Comfort - That this Formula is also recommended for hungry babies as well as Sicky and Colicky babies.  I've heard that Milupa (Not sure of spelling) is another good formula used for Hungry Babies, but I have not heard anything about it being good for Colic.?

At the moment I do know that Asda is selling Cow & Gate Comfort for £6.98 for both the Stage 1 and 2, as Boots is still selling them for £7.23.  You can earn advantage points on the Stage 2 Formula at Boots, but you can not earn any points on Stage 1 Formulas.  Only reason I can think of for this, is that this might be Boots way of encouring Breast Feeding for the First six months.....My Opinion Only!

Update: 23/10/06 - I see Tesco has also reduced C&G Comfort to 6.98 in line with Asda's Price.

Cow & Gate Comfort must be made with freshly boiled water which is allowed to cool to a warm temperature before adding the Formula.  If you add the Formula when the water is too Hot/Cold, it will alter the consistancy of the milk - I think it generally makes it thicker. 

Feeding a Baby, should be a pleasure and relaxing for both you and your Baby! 

Unfortunately I never had that pleasure and neither did the Grandma and Nannan!

I hope those of you who are reading this no longer feel as though it's just you!

I just thought I'd write this, to share my experience of coping with a Child with Colic. For more in depth info please read Angies of London Guide, as this guide is far more in depth.

My Daughter has never been one for her milk. Although other babies seem to have about 8 or 9 oz of milk in a feed, she has only ever managed about 6 oz, but as long as she has some and of course her yogurts, I'm sure she'll be just fine. 

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