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Well I have three children ...... I have taken great pleasure in breast feeding all of mine with the satisfaction that yes breast is best.

However baby three arrives a healthy 8iib 4oz baby boy and the breast feeding commences , the first 3 weeks are great and everything is going really well he was such a good baby eat and sleep I had the best nights sleep I couldn't beleive my luck after having a 3 year old that was still a bad sleeper .

Well on week 4 things started to change .... one night I fed him as usual and this placid quiet baby that I had had for three weeks was now climbing up me screaming not settled at all ... it was quite overwealming and after getting a bit tearfull I pulled myself together and though (it must be wind ) Anyway to cut a long story short I paced the floors patted his back and eventually after about two hours he went to sleep .

From that night this was the story every night .... he shrilled ,he screamed ,he looked desperate at times it was so upsetting I spoke to the health visitors and friends about this frustrated and tired and emotionally drained and they all came up with the conclution ITS COLIC!!!!!!!

BUT he is breast fed he cant have COLIC ....yes he can was the reply  WELL I can tell you I was devastated BUT onwards I went with the colic drops and the gripe water BUT this made no difference and I still wasn't happy the more I studdied it and thought about it the more convinced this was not colic .

Well i surfed that net read everything and anything I coould possiably find on colic and aftter a few weeks was convinced this was not colic no way .

Just a note although breastfed baby's nappies are soft I noticed  these were quite watery so I had a feeling his pain was his tummy ......

Then I found out about reflux ......... ahhhhhhh maybe thats what he has so I went through all the box's to tick ... YES  he cries a lot ,YES he does not like to lay flat YES he is sick a lot (HAVE I CRACKED IT ) .I have now asked freinds about this and people have said yes that was what so and so had you need infant gaviscon it really works that will fix it its a god send .Obviously I went back on the net read up as much as I could and went to the doctors who gave me a prescription and agreed it must be that .

The infant gaviscon is now chucked down the neck of my poor precious baby that clearly is in pain and so unsettled more times than not (in fact all day) I have given this a shot for over 4 weeks and once again I am not convinced this is working I am so anxious and devestated  and frustrated  that the problem is still unresolved I go back to the Doctor who says really I think its reflux the stomach acid is hurting him prop him up do this do that etc ........(he will grow out of it)

I'm with this baby all day and I dont know why I just do I know its something else I say to the health visitors and doctors that I cant explain BUT I just know its his little face crying I know its something else....

I'm so determined to get to the bottom of this and in the 5 mins of smiles my little boy manages to give me I promise him that I will fix him and make him happy he is at this point 11 weeks ...I try these coleif drops my freind has told me about £10 for 7ml's OUCH but I figure its worth a go.

They seem to help some days and not others and while doing all this one day by chance I spoke to a mum from the school who said  "my little girl was just like that" she had LACTOSE INTOLLERENCE"

So with this new information  back on the net I went and sure enough it said a sign was windy colicky babies unsettled watery nappies .I marched to the doctors armed with my printout and  asked for a test ...... I was sent  to see a doctor at the hospital although I was told it was highly unlikley to be this ...

 They did the test wich involved just a sample of babys dirty nappy I had to rush it down to the lab within 30 minutes of him doing it  and the test came back plus 3 sugars in his nappy sample (a high amount of sugar) so his poor little body was not breaking down the sugar and this was causing him the pain....

This now explained why my baby cried in pain every day all day ....(THANK GOODNESS) I was so releived .

Devastated that I was now going to give up breast feeding something I vowed I never would do I was so desperate to see my baby happy and content that it seemed a small price to pay

.That day he was given a prescription for SMA (LF). From the moment he had it he was a different baby all smiles the screaming stopped the crying stopped the smiles appeared (although it took a few days to get him to take a bottle ) .

He has been on the milk for 4 weeks now and its changed everything he is so happy and content he smiles and giggles I can lay him flat I can put him in his bouncy chair he is so happy  and funnily enough so am I .

Follow your mummy instincs if  your not happy go back and push and push untill you get what you want I was told this was rare and highly unlikley but I just knew in my heart of hearts that it was more than colic /reflux .

If this guide helps just one of you mum's out there then that will make my day ..................

Adding this today because spoke to my friend who just so happens to be a bit concerned about her baby and  his feeding and we discussed that the fact that this  cant be that rare as doctors say as so many people speak about it  and finding out weather or not a child is lactose intollerent is so simple and quick and would put to rest any questions with a simple yes or no answer .....

This is her second baby and she mentioned to the doctor about lactose intollerence ...and this is what makes me crazy..... he said ....'my dear have you ever seen a baby with lactose intollerence ' These children he said they dont thrive they loose lots of weight they are in a terriable way there is no way your child can possiably have that no way .....!!!!!!!!!

WELL LET ME TELL HIM  my little boy he was thriving and healthy weight wise he put on nearly 1 pound every week he was chubby and lovley as was often commented on when i was being told it was colic and reflux and i HAD NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT ....  and his test that i pushed and cried for came back ++ 3 sugars

So there we go mum's what can we do when even a doctor someone we need and trust gets the facts sooooo very wrong ... if I had listened to everyone I spoke to ie health visitors doctors my poor little boy who is now so happy and content would of endured weeks of pain because they dont want to double check that they could and often are wrong


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