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It has been many years since I have done one of these so this is all from memory, but hopefully it will be of use to you. These pumps from the mid fifties look good and are easy to do up. Standing at 6ft and 2ft 2in across (plus levers) they are not particualy big, there were several variations all sharing the same panels. There were three types of face, 1 the calulating head that displayed price per gallon, ammount delivered & total price 2 Clock face with amount delivered 3 Just the amount delivered. Different heads required different levers & knobs to re-set them. The hose was fixed in two possible ways some exited from the side (with a sight gauge on the panel) whilst others were equiped wide a 360 degree rotating arm on top of the pump,this had a sight gauge at the end of  the arm. Taking the aluminum sight gauge apart will require care, the steel X head screws will be tight, heat will probaly crack the glass. Some had a plastic globe gallery that breaks easily (I did have some new ones cast some time back) others just had a screw on blanking plate. The curved glass on the front is actually held behind the panel, the special rubber seal will probaly be rotten. Perspex can be cut to fit the aperture and held in place with windscreen rubber. The front panels are held on with one allen screw whilst the sides are bolted. There should be a round red & chrome Gilbarco badge just above the screw. I personaly would not keep the workings from one of these but do not forget that an ammount of fuel will be trapped in the pump and will make a mess. These have really nice light fittings but unless you retain the pumps wiring system will have to be discarded. Two of the biggest customers for these pumps was Esso and Cleveland. As I said at the start this has all been from memory but I trust you found it helpful.

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