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Ive been collecting for years & my passion goes back to my "Rag & Bone" days by Horse & cart, believe it or not. I was 8 years old when i first started kerb burgularing ! Racing the dustbin men to the bins,& yelling out "Any old Iron Rags ..rag Bone!" & 12 years old when i started Knocking & bill laying, I luv skips to, i still cant pass one without having a butchers thru it. When "calling" the stuff i came across was unreal,& sadly i couldnt aford to buy all of it,( i worked as part of a team) what i did keep & collect though has now over taken me,& my home, so time for a halt & ebay has helped find some of my treaures a new home,you dont have to pay a fortune for something thats nice,use your own instincts, if you like it,haggle the price & buy it,look at it ,love it,& if you get fed up with it , sell it! or in my case my children just arent interested in antiques/collectables like i was back then,so they wouldnt appreciate my vast collection of victorian glass & pre war tin ware,but times change. Having something pleasurable & a talking point as well, it all adds to its charm, grace,history,memories attached to it, & something nice to trace, & treasure. You never know when you will come across a real bargain, but the Pleasure is in looking, get looking through the Boot sales, the jumble sales, the Charity shops,garage sales,auction rooms,(if youve never bid before,go along & watch  first,see how its done & always set yourself a maximum limit & never go over it) its out there waiting to be found,& theres a pleasure in finding something under that 50 years of dirt & grime & getting mucky in the process, I love it, cant stop collecting,so im not going to. Beware the fakes that find their way around everywhere, if its an expensive item look it up & check it out first. Trust your instincts,read up on spotting fakes,but above all if you like it,want it,then have it, you dont need to pay a fortune. By the way 35 years on & im still not well off, maybe its all the collecting i do? Im not a dealer,just collect what i like,Happy Hunting.
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