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I thought it sounded too good to be true - instead of having to wait til a full load of the appropriate colour batches of laundry have been gathered, use a colour catcher and mix them up! I refrained for ages and even after buying a box of these 'wonderful' things when I saw them on offer I kept them in the cupboard,...until

I was pushed for time, going on holiday the next day and had 1 load of mixed colourds/few paler colours with white in I decided to do them all together with THREE colour catcher sheets as recommended on the packet and I ended up with a blocked washing machine which meant that it wouldn't drain/wouldn't open and so I ended up wrestling with the thing/trying spining/trying to find filter cover for 40 mins ending with wet washing stuck in the machine for a week whilst I went on holiday without them and a nice hassle filled time on return with nice bill from repair man. Nice!

I have read on internet since that this is a common occurance and they are best placed inside net bags before use (so why can't the manufacturer say so). I know others find they work well but I would say - is it worth the risk?

After all your adding to the cost of each wash anyway by using them... and they may or may not b####r up your machine and they may or may not catch all the colour!

Avoid is my recommendation.
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