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BOUGHT SUPER MARIO 64,1st point is if seller says plays on ds and ds lite,why not dsi?numerous points that this is counterfeit,i have been researching online how to spot one and this game has many of these points,i could tell as soon as i opened it that the cover was a photo copy,plus it was sealed in plain plastic,no nintendo pull tag to open it,its in a european case but has north american rating on it (u.s case is black so its not a u.s game)no health and safety booklet, instruction booklet is bigger than a real ds game booklet,contacts board is bright green and serial number on cartridge is black,original is a reddish colour,i have compared this game to the 17 original shop bought ds games my daughter has.also  box should have a 3+ in bottom left corner not an E (AN E IS AMERICAN BUT GAME SHOULD BE IN A BLACK BOX),AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST IF THE LISTING SAYS PLAYS ON DS AND DS LITE ONLY DONT GO THERE,IT SHOULD PLAY ON DSI TOO,IF MY DAUGHTER HAD A DS OR DS LITE INSTEAD OF A DSI I WOULD NEVER HAVE LOOKED INTO THIS ITEM BEING A FAKE AS IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE PLAYED ALTHOUGH I DID THINK PICTURE ON COVER WAS BLURRY WHEN I TOOK IT OUT OF THE PACKAGING! I WAS GIVEN A FULL REFUND WITHOUT THE SELLER EVEN ARGUING IT WASNT A FAKE! TELLS YOU SOMETHING DOESNT IT!!!
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