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Hi  people

My name is Mark from Bargain Rings Ebay Store - and...

I Would like to write a review on this ring for three reasons:

1) It is a very nice ring

2) It is outrageously low priced for what it is

3) It has not sold yet

This is a ring that contains 1carat full of natural Diamonds and weighs a whopping 5.8g. Originally this ring was on sale for £250 at Bargain Rings and the only reason that it was that cheap was because I bought it from a wholesaler that had bought rings very cheaply off a Jewellery retalier that had gone bust and I bought in bulk myself so got a further discount. After my Ebay, Paypal and listing fees have been paid  will make virtually nothing and will not make the mistake again of buying nice higher priced jewellery to sell on ebay because it simply don't sell! But if you are to pass up on an opportunity for a bargain like this then it your missed opportunity. Thanks for reading and I hope you are the one with the sense to actually go ahead purchase this ring!


P.S. My personal estimate is that if you were buying this brand new in a retailer it would cost £500-600

Click the link below to visit my Bargain Rings Ebay store for other great bargains. 

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