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I had a crm 250.. I sold it to a mate because I was in desperate need of cash (he did give me a fair price).. BOY o BOY do I regret selling it,, it was the best bike for ON and OFF road ever. even with full knobblies it was fantastic on the road..So light and agile you could weave in and out traffic...heave on the brakes at the lights and feel the rear wheel skipping behind you...with confidence you can get the pegs touching the road as you belt it round corners(it does take balls but it can be done..and it feels sooooo good). I could ride it to the track.. hack and thrash it in the mud or off megga jumps..dig it in round corners and feel the power band kick in down the straights..and generally have a large grin on it all day.. then ride it home..what more could a man want.. My mate loves it so much he wont sell it back to me..even when i offered more than i sold it to him for..... since i sold it iv had a few other trailies. husky 400 (tooo mean in the dirt).. Various 4 strokers.. But nothing and i mean NOTHING compares to the CRM250.. Its time to get another...Soon
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