Cabin Bed Accessories Buying Guide

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Cabin Bed Accessories Buying Guide

Cabin beds are very popular with children and teenagers and have a number of accessories that can be attached to the bed for both entertainment and practical purposes. Depending on the size of the bed and the age of the occupant, buyers will find that some accessories are more fitting than others. These accessories range from slides for younger children, to desks that can be used for homework and studying.

Buyers are recommended to search for cabin bed accessories on eBay, as the site has a great variety at prices lower than those typically found in bed stores and on other websites. The following guide shall examine the various accessories for sale on eBay, and how to successfully navigate eBay to find an appropriate item.  

Cabin Beds

Cabin Bed Sizes

Cabin beds, also known as captain’s beds and chest beds, are similar to bunk beds but have the bottom bed removed leaving space for storage and work areas. These types of bed are popular with parents as they maximise space and help give the impression of a larger room. Many cabin beds come with pre-attached drawers or wardrobes, so buyers need to ensure that their purchased accessory will fit. Cabin beds can be manufactured from a variety of materials including wood, steel and aluminium.



Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

A mid sleeper cabin bed typically has a mattress raised between two to four foot off the ground. These beds are more frequently used by children and young teens, and have safety rails around the side to prevent the child from rolling out of the bed while asleep. These beds use a ladder or a series of steps to allow the child to access the foot or head of the bed. This type of bed is suitable for children aged three years and up.

High Sleeper Cabin Bed

The platforms used in high sleeper cabin beds are between four and five foot high. As these beds are considerably higher than the mid sleeper options, it is advised that only children aged six years and up use them. As the bed is a greater height, high sleeper cabin beds use step ladders as opposed to steps to allow access to the foot or head of the bed.

Cabin Bed Accessories

Suitable accessories are determined by the height of the bed, the amount of space underneath and the age of the person sleeping in it.




Cabin bed slides are very popular with younger children and offer a fun alternative way for them to descend from the bed. Many slides can be connected to either opening on the cabin bed and these come in a number of materials including pine wood, metal and plastic. It’s also possible to buy licensed slides from brands such as Spiderman, Hello Kitty and Disney Princess.


These tents are suspended from the frame of the bed and drape down over the open space below it. These can be great for kids and offer the same kind of fun found in tree houses and other types of play fort. The tents are also useful for storing away clutter and are usually 100% fire proof. Cabin bed tents are available for both mid and high sleeper, but are more common on the lower type of bed. The majority of tents for sale on eBay will be compatible with any bed, unless the listing states otherwise.


The towers are attached at the top of the slide and are reminiscent of the type of slides often found in playgrounds. Towers are generally used with mid sleeper beds, and although it’s possible to find models long enough to fit on a high sleeper, the ceiling of the bedroom will need to be quite high for it to fit securely. Towers are available for both boys and girls. Towers are usually made from 100% cotton and should be 100% fire retardant.


These are handy material pockets that are hung either over the side or at the top of the bed, and can be used to store books, teddy bears or other bedtime toys. The pockets come with three separate compartments, offering plenty of room to keep toys tidy. This is an easy way to keep a child’s comfort toy nearby in case they awake during the night. Cabin bed pockets come in a number of different designs and colours, and are compatible with a cabin bed that has a side or head railing.

Top Tunnel

Top tunnels are similar to the tents and tunnels but are attached to the top of the bed giving the child the impression of sleeping in an enclosed space. These can help children to sleep for longer in the morning as they keep natural light out. Top tunnels are available in a range of colours for boys and girls. As with the tower, compatibility with high sleeper cabin beds will depend on the height of the ceiling.

Bunk Light

Bunk lights are very handy accessories that can encourage a child to read in the evening before bedtime. The bunk lights attach to the top of the bed and have an adjustable neck. It is advised that buyers search for products such as the Bunky Bunk Light, as these have in-built timers and will automatically switch off after 1.5 hours.


Desks used with mid sleeper cabin beds tend to extend out from underneath the mattress, giving the child the optimum space to work on. Desks used with high sleeper cabin beds can be kept directly underneath the mattress. This helps to keep the room spacious. Desks can be made from wood, plastic or light metals such as aluminium, and the material used in manufacturing will influence price.


Wardrobes work best with high sleeper beds, as they can be completely stored underneath and are an excellent way to keep a child’s room free from clutter. It is important for buyers to check the dimensions of the wardrobe before purchasing so they can be sure it will fit. Wardrobes are often purchased with desks and the majority are made from wood.


Another excellent storage option, drawers work well with mid or high sleeper cabin beds that do not have enough room for a wardrobe. There is a large range of drawers that can be bought on eBay, and buyers should check the dimensions so they can be sure the drawers will fit.


Another great way to encourage and motivate a child to read. Bookcases are stored under the mattress, and extendable bookcases can be purchased. Bookshelves that attach to the rail of the bed can also be bought and are suitable for older children and teenagers.


Cabin bed accessories range in function but are great additions to any cabin bed. These accessories can be used for entertainment or storage, or to help with studying and homework. The accessory’s compatibility with the bed will depend on the size of the bed and age of the person who’s sleeps in it. Buyers should always check the dimensions of an accessory to make sure it will fit securely to the bed, and should be aware of the material used in manufacturing.

It’s advised that all buyers search for cabin bed accessories on eBay, as the site is constantly updated with new products. These are often better value then those in stores and on other sites, and the variety offered means there’s an accessory for everybody.

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