Cagiva Mito Evolution Pillion seat

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I recently got a Cagiva Mito Evolution which unfortunately had a missing pillion pad seat, apparently this is not an uncommon problem, caused, i suspect, by incorrect fastening and fixing of the seat or failure to correctly lock the seat pad lock.
The seat locks into the back slot and fixes by key into the front, failure to correctly locate the rear peg could easily lead to the seat falling off which wouldn't be noticed until you reached your destinaton.
There are at varying times on eBay several pillion seat pads available in Black, Red and Yellow, (plus the odd custom coloured ones).
I had the misfortune to purchase my replacement from eBay seller aep2008_123, a big mistake on so many levels.
item link here -

I decided to post this review to point out potential problems and questions to ask before buying your own replacement.
My seat first of all was absolutely saturated, the foam being wet through and will require several days to dry after being squeezed out, check with your seller that the seat has been dry stored after removal, not left in the pouring rain or a bucket, (as apparently mine was)
If you can get one with the lock set installed and a key then do so, it saves the hassle of trying to locate a lockset or making another means of fixing the seat, the lockset also creates a seal around the hole to prevent water ingress.
Check the condition of the vinyl fixing staples, mine are badly rusted and this can lead to failure and tearing of the vinyl, check also the condition of the vinyl itself, it's not uncommon to have people describe items as excellent, as mine was, when they in fact have tears, cuts staining and other damage as mine has.
The good news is being relatively flat you should be able to easily re-cover the seat with some vinyl off-cuts and a decent staple gun, just bear this in mind and ensure that you pay 'tatty' prices for a seat needing work and not 'excellent quality' prices as I was stuck with thanks to my unscrupulous seller mis-advertising then telling me after i'd paid and still posting the seat.
Finally, check carefully the sellers feedback and reputation, read all the negative and neutral comments and responses and make your judgement based on this, also some pos comments i have discovered can be revealing regarding after sales service.
Ensure that your seller has a good reputation for after sales customer care and communications, unfortunately I didn't and this seller proved to be dreadfully poor at after sales and rectifying problems, find a seller who will respond to e-mails, that will be a better start than my experience at least.
To conclude have a good search around for your Mito spares, there are plenty about and scrutinise your sellers carefully, i'll be shopping elsewhere for parts in future and carefully checking sellers myself.

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