Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - THE REVIEW

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Well its seems there are only a couple of COD:4 reviews on ebay and the one i read i thought was a bit biased and unfair, so here am i with my own bias and predudice :0)

Firstly I Bought this from Siansbury's for the pricely sum of £29.99, but i wanted it that night and not have to wait on a delivery, which is the only reason i didnt purchase from here off 'the bay'.

Installation was a sinch which has come to be expected for PC games now, and it ran on my system no problems, i would like to point out at this point i thought this game might stretch my sytem too much, however its ran beautifully since day one, and even after i upgraded my monitor from a 19" tft to a 22" widescreen using the same GFX card.

My system spec by the way for reference is a AMD X2 4600+ @ 2.8Ghz, 2Gb Corsair XMS RAM, DFI lan-party mobo, 8800 GTS 320Mb GFX, OCZ 700W PSU and watercooled system.

Ok so i go into multi-player immediately, as this is what i like doing with my games... playing online, none of that single player rubbish (except perhaps for NFS:ProStreet and Crysis) But could not for the life of me get a list of active servers, and in frustration and impatience thought it must have to be unlocked in single player mode or something ( not so)

So i forced myself through the first few parts of the single player game... pretty boring really, a typical first person shooter, with some stunning graphics and great sounds and psyhics to boot... but very much a do aas your told scenario... this waypoint to that way point and even then it seems a little hard to find out what your supposed to do.  I will make you aware that at the beggining it tests you to see the level of difficulty that the game will set itself at, i mistakingly kept restarting the trial and got good enough to start at a higher difficulty... dont make this mistake, the game is just pointlessly hard from the get go if you do what i did lol.

Anyway realising i wasnt 'unlocking' jack i ventured back to the multiplayer mode, and found what i was being a noob with.... its my secret what i forgot and no... im not telling :P

So jumped in to my first online COD:4 experience............. Team Deathmatch........... instant death..... instant death....... instant death...... run a few yards... stabbed in the back... I could tell this was going to be a STEEEEEEP learning curve.   After about an hour and many a death i started to get used to the pace, and the maps and various guns... therer are many equipment options and MANY more to unlock!   I started to die less, and even kill a few other players in the process!!!

Having played it online for about two weeks now I have settled in nicely now, gained myself a level 33 so far ( i work alot so thats why such slow progression :/ )

I have found the most rewarding gamplay mode ( there are alot tbh) is either Sabotage and Head Quarters, both encapsulate teamwork, and a solid objective which both sides must attempt to capture a certain point of the map.

The maps go from fairly large with derelict buildings to a tiny sqaure where 48 men and women are fighting and dieing in a crazy frag fest betweeen a few containers... but its brilliant fun!

The graphics are simply amazing... the best i have experienced in a while for a FPS and feels realistic... The action online is fast paced and intecse but skill is an important part of this game thankfully.  I'd put the pace of the online game neatly between BF:2142 (slowish) and Unreal (fast as hell) Tournament... which works.

The sounds only add to the amazing feels of the realism in this game and i will not slate one bit!

Overall this game is great, i will not be playing the single player any more though as its alot slower and feels pointless to me but im sure many will love it.

I could go on but i think i have given a bit of an insight into what to expect from COD:4... so buy it!

See you on the battlefield


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