Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Like if this guide is helpful

Its a must to buy

Hi all, just wanted to write a little guide to say...
If you haven't purchased call of duty advanced ware fare yet....then do!!
I like many others was quite put off by Ghosts the last offering from the Call of duty saga...
but this game is delivering above and beyond my expectations and certainly makes up for Ghosts!

PS4 or Xbox One??
To be honest there isnt much in it...but we do know that microsoft seem to take the lead with the online gaming if you like to play online...go with Xbox One.
The graphics are simply stunning and all i am going to say  is....The level with the bus!!

I think they may have saved the Call of duty franchise now.
I don't know if this is what the ebay guides are supposed to be used for, but as i was very unsure as to whether to buy this game...i thought it might be useful for other people on the fence.
I hope that if you have read my guide, and are enjoying my review...that you will let me know...that way i will submit many more, and more in depth reviews of games in the future.
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