Can I Make Money From Information Products

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I get several emails a day from people wondering if they can make money from information products. My answer is a resounding "YES". Though it's gonna take that dirty word "WORK". Oh yes, no matter what you read and what you believe, there's no secret code, no special pill, and no special button you can press to crank out decent profits.

Register For An eBay Shop

In order to show your wares it's imperative that you sign up for an ebay shop. This allows you to look a lot more professional and you'll be able to display your items with more flexibility.

Get Some Resell Right Products

The first thing you need to do to start selling and making money from information products is to purchase and get your hands on some resell rights products.

What Are Resell Rights Products?

Resell rights products are generally products written and produced by someone else who allow you the rights to sell them and keep 100% of the profits. That's what I do as well as writing and producing my own products.

Once you've got your hands on some products you need to list them on ebay. Now if you're lucky they should come with a resell rights licence as well as display graphics to advertise the product. Once you've got all of these items simply list them on ebay at a competitive price. When I say competitive, do your research to find out what they are selling for by other sellers.

Use the list and switch method where you can. This is basically listing your best selling items through the auction process and your not so hot products in you ebay shop, but make a link from your hot products to your not so hot ones. Not only does this cut costs since it's cheaper to list an item in your shop, you can be a lot more strategic with listing times and product placement.

Track Your eBay Listings

It's so important to track your ebay listings to find out how popular your items are and exactly how your prospective purchaser found your auction. There are various places you can get this software and unfortunately I can't list them here. Take a look on the net and I'm sure you'll find them.

Good Luck

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