Can we trust ebay?

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When I came to buy a Laptop, I turned to you do. However, due to a problem I encountered when I sold a 300 DISC Sony CD player on ebay, I NOW tend to check-out the people I'm bidding against, with a view to their bid/ retraction history.

So...what would YOU make of a seller (a Business seller) who, when warned that he had 2 out of 3 bidders for his Laptop with a HISTORY of bid retractions (200+ each) he  didn't even bat an eyelid, and went on to auction (and end early, due to "Listing errors"?) auction after auction over the next few days, that (I noticed) had the SAME 2 "bidders" ramping up the price, and BOTH retracting...just before the seller "ended the auction due to Listing errors"

Are you aware of how you can check an ebayers history, and see how many (if any) times he/she has retracted over the past 30 days/6 Months?

Find an item,any item, it just needs to have a LEAST 1 bid, so an auction, not "buy it now" and click on the bid. This takes you to the BID HISTORY page. Now click on the name of the bidder, for example  y***s  and you will see this bidders history, best of all  you will see in the top RH corner of the page, a breakdown, and (if any) a history of bid retractions...and why would you want to know that? WELL if YOU wanted to take part in an auction for say...a Laptop, would you bid against a couple of ebayers? who have retracted over 200+ times each in the last 6 months, and have done so together in the same sellers auctions?  

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