Can you make money from eBay

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Hi everyone boldbaba here.

This is a very common question i get asked. Can i make money from eBay?

Well the answer is YES. EBay is a great place too make money.

There are people here who quit there full time jobs just to sell on eBay, myself included.

All you need to do is find a product that sells. I sell ebooks on ebay, because ebooks are a very easy product to sell.

In this modern day of internet, everybody is looking for some form of information. Think about it you reading this review means you are looking for something.

I find eBay works for people who put the leg work in, if you join eBay and list 2 things a week and expect to become rich well dont give up your day job, i say this because i have seen this, people list 2-3 things in there shop and wonder why they not make anything. If you were to walk down your local high street and see a shop with 3 items in it would you go in and browse or would you go to the shop next door that has many different items for sale?

I know listing on Auction can be exspensive and people are trying to cut costs but there are other way of keeping the money down. For 3p a month you can list in your shop, put as many different catagories as you can, make it feel like a place people should spend there money. Try to list some stuff on eBay auction and ask people to look in your shop for more bargains.

Most of my bussiness is repeat customers, they come back to me because they feel happy. I allways look after my customers and help them as much as i can, because they are the most important.

Selling on eBay can be a gamble sometimes, and it doesnt allways go to plan, but rememeber if you keep moving forward then things will get better.

I wish you the best of luck

thanks everyone



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