Canoe or Kayak?

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The Difference between a Canoe and Kayak

The term Canoe or Canoeing tends in the UK to be used as a generic term whether describing "canoeing" or "kayaking". This is not the case in most of the rest of the world which can lead to some confusion, especially in the UK.


A Canoe is traditionally regarded as an open topped craft that is propelled with a single bladed paddle with the paddler sitting or kneeling. There are some exceptions to this rule as some canoes can be enclosed with a deck but still propelled by a kneeling paddler with a single bladed paddle.

The canoe as we know it originated from the native Indians of Canada but variations are and have been in use all around the world for thousands of years.


A kayak is propelled by a double bladed paddle. There are many different types of kayak from the long sleek, fast lines of sea and racing designs to the short and manoeuvrable designs of white water kayaks.

Kayaks are sat in by the paddler and they usually have a deck enclosing the paddler although again there are exceptions to this rule. Some kayaks have an open top or cockpit but are still sat on and propelled with a double bladed paddle.

This is a very basic overview of the 2 main types of craft but please remember that there are many variations in design in both areas.

Keith - Brookbank CanoesandKayaks

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