Canon 5D Mark II Vs. Canon 7D

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Some people feel that comparison shopping for digital cameras can often be an ordeal. There are a huge number of innovations to sift through and each model has a distinct set of features and benefits. The 5D Mark II and 7D are suitable for photographers and camera buffs alike. The 5D Mark II rises above with its high camera sensor resolution and excels in travel photography, however the 7D gets noticed for its accurate autofocus system and does well for candid photography.
Canon 5D Mark II Canon 7D
Features Canon 5D Mark II Canon 7D
Height 11.35 cm 11.07 cm
Weight 810 gr 820 gr
Exterior Color Black Black
Screen Diagonal Size 3" 3"
Digital Camera Type Digital SLR Digital SLR
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 21.1 MP 18.0 MP
Lens System EF L IS USM 24-105mm EF-S IS II 55-250mm
Flash Type Detachable Flash Not Specified
Min Shutter Speed 30 sec Not Specified
Width 15.2 cm 14.82 cm
Focal Length 24mm - 105mm Not Specified
Max Resolution Video 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Optical Zoom 4.3x Not Specified
Depth 7.5 cm 7.35 cm
Screen Technology LCD LCD

Canon 5D Mark II

The 5D Mark II features a 21.1 MP sensor resolution, so you can enlarge images without sacrificing clarity. Furthermore, the 5D Mark II's 9-point autofocus system enables you to keep subjects nicely in focus. You can swap lenses to get the exact shot you want thanks to its SLR mechanism. Moreover, it has a 3x optical zoom, so you can take detailed pics of far away subjects. The 5D Mark II's 3-inch screen size helps you take pleasure in a large vibrant viewing area.

Canon 7D

The 7D has an 18 MP camera resolution, so you can capture your memories in stunning detail. In addition, the 7D's 19-point autofocus system helps you take well-focused shots. Upgrade your lens easily thanks to its SLR mechanism. Furthermore, it features a 3-inch screen size, so you can see clearly without getting tired.

Comparing the Canon 5D Mark II Vs Canon 7D

On balance, the 5D Mark II leads the way and is a good choice for travel photography. The 5D Mark II has a 17% greater camera resolution, allowing you to produce bigger image enlargements with more detail. What's more, you can use it in many places with less effort thanks to its 1% lighter weight. Not to be out-done however, the 7D features a better autofocus system, allowing you to focus shots with much greater accuracy. In addition, the 7D holds its own with an advanced SLR design and a wide screen size. Hence, it is good for candid photography.

Buying On eBay

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